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  1. My favorite for the arms is the Dainese V E1 elbow guards. I like hard plastic with good padding underneath, and they cover a large area of your arms. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-v-e1-elbow-guards
  2. motoinmoab

    DRZ 400 in the sand

    I had a DRZ400E when I lived in Moab, Utah. I love the bike but soft deep sand is it's weakest link, IMO. The engine is good for sand with strong pulling power thru the whole rev range. The suspension is good enough with lots of adjustability with it's clickers. But the front end is heavy and wants to plow down, dive deep. A good front knobbie is essential. Get one that is well respected for the desert (Baja), one that is known for handling sand, not a hard track mx race tire. My riding buddy had a KTM and when we swapped bikes I was amazed how much lighter his steered at the White Wash sand dunes. The KTM floated on top. I changed to the same Michelin front knob he had and it made a big difference, but the DRZ still wasn't as good.
  3. motoinmoab

    Chest protector, Roost Deflectors.

    Check out Leatt and Alpinstars. They seem to offer the best protection for your whole upper torso. I wear the TekVest Freestyle vest with the shoulder pads.
  4. motoinmoab

    Why are fat bars so good

    Fat bars are really strong, strong enough that they don't use the crossbar. And that also makes them ride a little softer. They can flex a bit on rough ground, where the crossbar keeps the 7/8" bars stiffer. I don't feel the bars flex and have never heard anyone say they did. But every one of my friends that has switched say they do feel smoother on rough ground and big hits. I use Renthal and have heard good things about ProTaper too. Remember that if your bike came with 7/8" bars you'll need to get adapters to change to 1 1/8". The adapters that just fit into your existing clamps will raise your bars by about 3/4".
  5. motoinmoab

    Effects of cutting bars

    A wider bar gives the feeling of slower steering. Your hands sweep thru a wider circle, have to travel further for the wheel to turn. They also give more leverage so your arms might not fatigue as quickly in sand or WOT riding. Also they can make your front end feel like it's turning in slow motion, think Trials riding over and thru obsticles. Narrower bars are quicker to turn, more responsive, great in tight stuff for tree clearance as well as quicker wiggling. But your leverage is reduced so they can tire out your arms and shoulders. Some guys are really sensitive about their bar width. My friends that ride orange tend to be more fussy about little details. I can tell the difference but it's not a big deal when I jump on a friends bike and his bars are a different width than I normally run. Just one more thing that's different about the bike... You've already cut yours, so it's time to ride them and see what you think. Give them a good trial period before spending money on another pair that are wider again. It's not as simple as wide shoulders need wide bars, it's totally personal preference. Getting your bike set up exactly how you love it can take a couple of tries; hits and misses. It's only money, so keep spending it.
  6. motoinmoab

    Cleaning seat

    Try the Erase It cleaning pads, they're amazing. Some other brand names always have "erasure" in their name. You just rub fairly lightly on your seat and plastics. They take boot scuff off my side covers when nothing else I tried would work. You get it wet, you scrub, you're clean and new.
  7. motoinmoab

    Looking California feeling like Minnesota:

    Chris- I was wondering about RD's health also. He's clearly off his game. Top athletes never want to expose their weakness, never admit to an injury or sickness until it knocks them out of competition altogether. Then it's press conference time. It's that way in all sports. I hope it's a bad case of flu for RD and he'll be back 100% soon. I hated seeing Webb take that digger, he's going to be fun to watch as he grows into the 450 class. I really hated seeing Roczen depart the series so early. I thought a season long battle with Roczen - Tomac - Dungey was going to be fantastic. We break, we heal, we live to race another day. Or so we hope...
  8. I have a short inseam so these tall dirt bikes are really hard for me. I had a Suzuki DR-Z400E lowered internally. That's where you lose some of your suspension travel but the whole bike comes down closer to the ground. It's expensive and you lose travel, so it's one solution but not a great one. If you are going to grow then maybe just give yourself time and know that you will fall over now and then. That's life with these tall dirt bikes. Everything that happens makes someone happy. My friends loved to stop on uneven ground, just knowing I would probably fall over when I came to a stop. That's what friends are for? Don't worry about it, time is on your side, you should get longer legs soon enough. Be careful with lowering your front end, if you raise it up in the forks too much the tire can bottom out on the front fender and you will go over the bars. It will take a big hit to go thru full travel, but it will hurt if you lock up your front tire. An inch to maybe 1 1/4" is usually safe but more than that can be dangerous.
  9. motoinmoab

    Anybody goin to be riding in Moab during ejs17?

    Trials tire on the back works good all around, sticks to the rocks great, and doesn't tear up the delicate soil as much. Trials front and rear are really good on the slickrock trail if you are staying close to town, but if you're planing on going further out, like the sand dunes north-west of town, I prefer full knobbies. Is your bike plated? There are a lot of great places to ride that require a plate. And you will be glad you have a pretty big gas tank, like 2 1/2 gal or more, if you want to get "really out there". The bad thing about riding during EJS is the traffic on the dirt roads. You can get caught behind a long line of crawlers with dust clouds that choke you. Choose places to ride where there are no named 4 wheeler routes and you should have fun.
  10. motoinmoab

    Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Fork Emulators

    The stock suspension is pretty disappointing if you have ever owned a real dirt bike. The Race Tech Gold Valve fork & shock mods are worth every penny. It totally transformed the bike. It's no CRF, but it's waay better than stock. I had it done by a local shop that had lots of experience with Race Tech, and they got the tune right on the first try.
  11. motoinmoab

    Zeta Racing RX2 Clamp Kit

    I have the Zeta UX3 risers / fat bar adapters. They have a nice posished finish, fit great, and have never slipped. They let me put a Renthal fatbar on my bike.
  12. motoinmoab

    Wolfman Luggage Enduro Tank Bag

    I like a small bag and this one fits great, never gets in my way, and holds a lot of stuff.
  13. motoinmoab

    Do radiator braces bend frames?

    I bent the radiator guard, my frame was fine. And the radiator was fine, so they did exactly what you want them to.
  14. motoinmoab


    I've had a Shorai in my DRZ for 2 years and it always starts the bike, even in cold weather. The weight savings is huge. I got mine from the TT Store and thought they had sent an empty box by mistake, but I opened it up and there was a big battery in there.
  15. motoinmoab

    How to improve stock seat foam comfort

    I bought a pneumatic stapler from Harbor Freight and it works great for this job. It was under $30. You also want to consider using stainless steel staples. They're a little more expensive but won't rust out on you. I got those from Ace Hardware.