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  1. palmdaleRider

    Broke my ankle, why oh why me...

    Riding down a modestly steep logging road, I hit a berm/rock/something that wrenched the handle bars away from me. I went tumbling head over heals with my mountain bike still attached to my ankle. Phocking Mtn Bikes!!!! Had I been on a dirt bike with adequate suspension and weight the bump wouldn't even been felt. This Sucks!!!
  2. palmdaleRider

    Got Cannondale Mnt Bike

    Probably stolen. If it were me, I'd buy it and then get arrested for stealin, then get the bike taken away (after explaining myself -- no refund) for it to be returned to the original victim.
  3. palmdaleRider

    Got Cannondale Mnt Bike

    I've been lusting after SuperV's before I even knew what they were. Problem now is that I find that my bicycle legs are nothing anymore. Going to be an effort to get in shape. Only have a few hours in the mornings before the heat lays down and I start dripping with sweat. Not my idea of fun.
  4. palmdaleRider

    Got Cannondale Mnt Bike

    No more riding restrictions and I get some exercise. See you on the trail. Oh wait you can't ride here. :thumbsup:
  5. palmdaleRider

    Got Pulled Over in Landers Today

    How old are you? Kids get away with a lot. I'd get a baton to the temples, a ride to maximum security, and a new life with Bubba.
  6. palmdaleRider

    The Dogpound

    I'm so close to this I could throw a rock to it. Plan to ride the bike illegally there this weekend (should be a 2.5 minute ride on the pavement).
  7. palmdaleRider

    New bike!

    You shouldn't ride new factory set up demo bikes. They don't last long like that, and they become just another bike.
  8. palmdaleRider

    Husky Memorial Ride -- December 1st

    I'm not going to make it. I'm going into the valley this morning to get a great deal on a 10" Delta table saw.
  9. palmdaleRider

    Husky Memorial Ride -- December 1st

    I'd like to join you. I haven't been to the Randsburg tavern for a couple of years. Not sure I know where this camp B is, as I come from the opposite direction of 20 Mule Team Road. I'm going to take your phone # and if I'm on my way, and lost, I'll give you a call. Thanks! Bill
  10. palmdaleRider

    Riding Jawbone to Seifert Cabin Thursday 11/15

    In case you change your mind. 9am, and as the Jawbone road turns to dirt, to the right will be some facilities, and behind it a 30ft toy hauler. I'm meeting a guy there and you can ride with us, and head back whenever you feel your time is running out. I'm in a blue Jeep Liberty, towing a trailer with a YZ426 aboard. And yes I jacked my ankle pretty bad back in Feb, and when it was healed wasn't about to venture out in 100+ degree heat. Nothing too technical. If you feelz the need to take on a killer hill, I'm fine watching from below and even snapping a few pictures. Regards, Bill
  11. palmdaleRider

    Day Ride thursday 11-15 - SoCal

    I'm planning to ride tommorrow 11/15. Jawbone to Seibert Cabin. Staging at 9am is my plan. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=572680
  12. palmdaleRider


    Wayne, I applaude your attempt. I wouldn't be surprised that those a-holes are talking up a storm about that tree hugging, desert tortoise loving democrat that tried to ruin their fun. Similar to the rantings about closures and the cutting of fences that some of our members here enjoy doing, as they think they are combating the grossly unreasonable limited land use folks who want to preserve what is dissappearing. You are very correct! Enjoy it while you can
  13. palmdaleRider

    Riding Jawbone to Seifert Cabin Thursday 11/15

    Look at Indian Wells Canyon -- >> http://aals1.home.att.net/SeifertCanyonRide/SeifertCanyonRide2.jpg Previous entire ride -->> http://aals1.home.att.net/SeifertCanyonRide/SeifertCanyonRide1.jpg
  14. I'll probably be staging close to the Jawbone station around 8 or 9ish, and will be mostly taking it easy. This will be my first ride since Feb, so will cut thru the desert heading out to the Cabin for some lunch, and depending on how I feel will opt back via the aqueduct. 100+ miles, but easy riding, lunch, and general BSing.
  15. palmdaleRider

    Cal city to Primm Ride report, An unforgettable weekend.

    Great Report. Glad I didn't make this. Too friggen long and in the dark too. No thanks. Even our Barstow to Primm and back a year ago was just a grueling balls out blast out and blast back ride.