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  1. akosi

    Exhaust interchangeablitity

    I had a 15 500 EXC and the exhaust pipe diameter was smaller on the EXC than my 2016 450 SXF stock exhaust.
  2. I’m doing the Indy Round for the Futures and I’m wondering if there is anything cheap/simple I can change to adjust my MX suspension for SX. My bike is a 2016 450 sx-f. 4CS forks I was thinking about adding fluid to the forks but idk how much I can add and still be ok. Also adding comp and slowing rebound. Rear I’m thinking add high speed comp and low speed comp and slow down rebound. Should I change my sag? Thanks!
  3. akosi

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    2016 450 SX-F Acerbics plastics and Backyard Design Custom Graphics
  4. Protune is great. Next thing I do though will probably be a KYB cartridge though. Their good but I’m left wanting more.
  5. So the first piston I got was damaged. The second one was good. I finally got it all back together tonight.
  6. New piston ring gap is .25mm. Went with Wiseco only thing I’m not a fan of is the wrist pin isn’t coated. Side skirts are though.
  7. cleaned the valves up some.
  8. I’ve been running Rotella T6 5w-40 in it since 20 hours on the bike. 3-5 hour oil changes and a filter every other oil change.
  9. I got .35mm for ring end gap.
  10. I’m doing a top end on my 450 and don’t know what all I should replace. I think the cylinder looks pretty good but there are a few visible signs of wear. The marks I can’t feel with my fingernail so I’m thinking about just leaving it. Thoughts? I’m hoping I can just put another stock piston in it and go. The bike has 86 hours on it mostly MX.
  11. akosi

    2018 450 XC-F Service Manual

  12. I just bought this exact set up because I'm sick of going though chains and sprockets. I'm hoping to get a year out of it but we will see. I can't imagine getting 120 hours though. Do you ride MX or trails?
  13. akosi

    Supercross Futures for Fun

    I have heard the tone down the track for the futures race. Were you looking at the pro track or the futures track?
  14. I'm wanting to ride the Indy Supercross Futures just to do it and have fun. However I've never been on a supercross track or even a stadium track so I'm wondering if anyone has some experience just going to ride and have fun at one of these events. I'd run Open C and on a good day at a motocross I'm running mid pack Open B. Thoughts? I'm thinking it's not an issue but I don't want to show up and obviously not belong there. I'm 27 and I got work the following Monday so it's just for fun.