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  1. turnNburn

    Powermadd mirror kit

    Bump, I'm curious about the vibrations too.
  2. turnNburn

    just fixed my dull drz headlight

    ohgood how are your two bars setup to cast light, and how well do they work at night? Are they both angled to focus on the same area or is one angled low and the other higher? I considered using one bar as a low beam, and then angle the other bar higher and run both bars on high beam, but I'm not sure if one bar alone would be sufficient for low beam riding, in which case I'd have to use both bars as a low beam and not have any high beam (add a third bar?!) I like the idea of adding the voltage regulator, but then both bars would still have to be angled low and only the intensity of the light would change, which might not work as well as a true high beam with higher angle? Curious what your thoughts are on your setup, what you would do differently, if anything.
  3. turnNburn

    Acerbis Supermoto Front Fender

    Got it in white, looks great on the bike, fits well.
  4. turnNburn

    Cycra Racing Probend Bar Pack

    Good addition for looks and protection. Used the triple clamp mounts, had very little issue with the install except when trying to fit the black plastic bits. The ones in my set didn't even come close to aligning and I wasn't interested in hack-jobbing them on, so I'm running without them. Not a problem.
  5. turnNburn

    JD Jetting Jet Kit

    What to say? Should be one of the first mods with 3x3.
  6. turnNburn

    ThumperTalk Case Shields

    Easy install, adds some custom flavor.
    Simple install, much improved solid brake response.
  7. turnNburn

    just fixed my dull drz headlight

    I think I like your two bar setup better than the 4x6 light, style wise. Did you not have any high beam setup? Did you ever wish you had highs, or was the light from the two bars more than enough? I'm trying to decide between the two bars style and the 4x6 functionality...Not to say the 4x6 isn't stylish, I'd still prefer it over stock, but you get my point.
  8. turnNburn

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM 2014

    Ear-to-ear grins.
  9. turnNburn

    JD Jetting question.

    Hey all, new SMer here in the Peoria, AZ area. Picked up a 2014 on a great deal and am looking into jetting and 3x3 to start with. I have the same question as WesternMD, how does the Kientech ext screw compare to the TT? Judging by pictures, they seem the same?