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  1. I have a 98'kx250 and just bought new green pollisport plastics and white number plates. I'm now looking to powder the frame and rims black and was wondering what percentage of gloss would look good. Any experience with pictures would be a bonus.
  2. Thabks and should be cracking the case soon to look deeper. Regardless I might put a new pro x rod kit, all balls bearings and seals and new gaskets. This way top and bottom end are done and I know when it was put in. Right now I don't know when the last time this crank was serviced and don't want to take chances.
  3. Thanks for the info, so my crank isn't salvageable?
  4. Even though the crank has some marks and dents does it need to be replaced also then or can I do new bearings and rod kit? Going oem or hot rods crank kit adds more then double. Not looking to spend a bunch of money to ride periodically. Aldo don't want to not replace one thing that will cause me issue too. That's my problem
  5. Spoke to a business that said some had issues a few years back with them but in the last year they have been alot better. Could have been a metal issue. I was thinking of putting s new rod kit and bearings but for almost the same price I could replace the whole thing fresh with a new wiseco kit. Then no worries of old parts.
  6. So replacing the whole crank wiseco everything isn't good?
  7. Was going to do a rod kit and new bearings but pricing for a whole new crank kit is about the same. I heard a year ago wiesco cranks had issue but since then they are better. What do you recommend?
  8. I'd a whole new crank needed or just bearings and seals?
  9. No piston pieces missing just had top damage. That's my thought, if I done replace it and it goes a new motor is more costly
  10. Thought so. I have no play up and down and the rod moves back and forth smoothly. Still replace it?
  11. I have posted before about my cylinder head but looking at my crank, the wear near on the crank near the rod concerns me. Is this normal or may be what cause the damage on the head and piston. I took the engine apart to clean the power valves and put a fresh top end in and saw all this. Performance was fine I guess but never did do a compression test. First time opening it up since I bought it a few years ago though ride time since I bought it has been very minimal. Thoughts? Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for the info. Based on that report it looks my head is still ok to use. The ones in the report ghat say to machine look to have damage to the outer ring where the gasket meets. Attached is a picture of mine.
  13. I was hoping to clean up the burs and still use it but I guess not. Regarding the plug, I was just saying I might get a magnetic for the future.
  14. Yup found one on YouTube. Thanks.
  15. For sure something was in there. Based on the sleeve it looks like it came in banged around and left. Thanks for all the help. One more question, what's your thoughts on my power valve? Don't know much about them but the carbon buildup is why I'm redoing the top end.