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  1. NWsurfkid

    2014 YZ450F No spark.

    Might be worth looking into putting some dielectric grease on connections to keep moisture out.
  2. NWsurfkid

    2014 YZ450F No spark.

    Have you tried a new plug?
  3. IMO, The screen readout size and back lighting was what I didn't like about smaller rugged Garmins compared to trailtech. Trailtech functionality while riding are simple - speed, tacho, temp, trip reset, and backlit that are easy to read in the sun. A garmin is a nice accessory for way points and tracking, but I would stick with a purpose built readout for speedo.
  4. Yeah, Trail Tech is your best bet. Easy setup/calibration.
  5. NWsurfkid

    WR426 enduro project

    Google and you tube the 426 starting technique...use Decomp lever to reduce compression slightly...They shouldn't be hard bikes to start with right technique, and don't need the hotcam mod IMO. My YZ426 is set up with a few WR parts, and starts first kick. Decomp lever is a nice accessory. Moto kits are pricey for the 17's and brake relocation. Would be fun though.
  6. NWsurfkid

    2005 yamaha yz450f supermoto

    I made my YZ426 into a dual sport/Enduro by using WR electrical parts. Cross reference the '05 WR450 and YZ. Not 100% on '05 year bike, but may be possible to swap Stator/Rotor from it as the crank may be same PN. If so, direct OEM swap. Mod stator with floated ground, buy small trailtech lithium ion battery and reg/rectifier, universal wire harness, etc. Slap the DOT required stuff on, and get registered (depending on state). I think 04-09 cranks might be the same, but you would need to do some research on subject (verify OEM part numbers). There may be a difference in timing with the newer wr/yz bikes as the flywheel rotor trigger may be different slightly too. Google and OEM part drawings are your friend. Binkbandit had a good OEM exploded parts breakdown you can reference with. Otherwise you can make a battery pack out of rechargeable AA batteries (YouTube) to run LED electrical load to pass test and raise hell with the thumper. (Cheapest) I thought about going the 17" moto route, but the 2000$+ tire kits were hard to cough up....so i focused on trail components, and have enjoyed the shit out of it in the mountains. I ended up buying an '08 ktm 690 duke to be a hooligan on instead....only slightly more then the 2000$ motostrano kits [emoji15] [emoji12]
  7. Original coolant? Ratio right (too much H20)? Radiator full? Otherwise, likely the rad cap as mentioned.
  8. NWsurfkid

    opinions on no kickstart, '17 450fx

    Sounds like a good potential to bend valves...
  9. NWsurfkid

    Yz426f not starting and just backfiring

    +1 the yz450 cam theory and checking with Hotcam.
  10. NWsurfkid

    opinions on no kickstart, '17 450fx

    Always funny to hear the weight savings argument....remove kicker to save weight, but keep a battery and starter...logic seems iffy....most of us are not sponsored by redbull and riding south pacific reef breaks doing general Robbie Madison antics....a few #'s is not not gonna make a difference to the average TT rider, IMO. Opinions all depend on ride style and how broken your body is.... For me, redundancy in a starting system is needed if you are relying on electrons to start your shit. Same idea as carrying a med kit, tools, plugs, survival kit while riding. Drag start is fine, but a kicker is better. I would rather have tools to fix my bike or injuries when riding out in the mountains, instead of having a long ass painful walk for help.... This thread has been beaten to death before....it always seems a lot like a presidential election debate.... ...Make Dirt Bikes Great Again...
  11. NWsurfkid

    Yz426f not starting and just backfiring

    I'm not sure what a "stage D" cam is... The only cams that I know fit the 426 are from certain year YZ's with autodecomp (Cam Mod), or Hotcam Stage 1/Stage 2 (Aftermarket upgrade). I don't recall Stage D stamped on my OEM '01 426 cam...?
  12. NWsurfkid

    Yz426f not starting and just backfiring

    Holy run on sentence batman...Seems like the hotcam timing is off. If it is a diff stage cam it should be shimmed as per Hotcam notes. Also, I believe they recommend new springs...or you broke one...so maybe you decompression is stuck open.
  13. NWsurfkid

    Weird starting 09 yz450f

    Sounds like a fun bike. Still seems like they compromised somewhere in the dyno tuning, and the consequence is a hard start if it cools a bit. A small adjustment would probably help IMHO, if it bothers you, and you probably would not feel a difference in performance. Just mark the settings they set if you do tweak, so you can revert back if not happy. A "NASA" tuned bike may be excellent by the numbers, but suck for riding in reality (your favorite location). For me, I would give up a few ft-lbs and mpg in order to restart after eating lunch on a ridgeline/lookout (without causing perf issues)....but it is your bike, your riding style, so dial it in how you feel it is best. Do some "leg" days, keep riding.
  14. NWsurfkid

    KTM 690 Duke 2008

    Fun, responsive, light, single cylinder thumper.
  15. NWsurfkid

    KTM 690 Duke (2008)


    Fun, responsive, light, single cylinder thumper.