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  1. RaceMX84

    2009 crf450 spring rate

    I'll probably just order a new spring so i know for sure. I guess thats the only way i will really know.
  2. I installed a "supposedly" 4.9 spring on my 09 crf450 it. I then installed a procircuit linkage. I can not get enough sag out of the shock. My question is, do i actually have a 4.9? Or do i just need a lighter spring? The spring on my bike is silver, every other lighter spring i have seen for these bikes has been blue. Not that that means much but i am kind of thinking that the spring is not actually a 4.9. I was thinking about odering a 4.9 spring from factory connection to see if i atually have a 4.9 or not. According to both race tech and mx-tech a 4.9 spring is the right spring for me. I weigh about 130 with no gear on. Does that spring rate sound about right?
  3. RaceMX84

    Wicomico Motocross Park in Southern MD

    The track is not bad. I have not ridden but i stopped in last week while i was at the pro nationals at budds creek. The track in the pictures are not of the new mx track. The track is not anything to get excited over, its no blue diamond, tomahawk, budds, etc. but it is a decent track that is worth riding. The jumps are pretty big. there are quite a few that the "average" rider wont do. It seems like a laid back place and i highly doubt it ever be PACKED full of riders, which sometimes is nice when your looking to just have a relaxing day of riding.
  4. RaceMX84

    Decompression pin

    I am in the same boat, the $60 doesn't bother me. Having my local dealer do the work does bother me. Much rather do it myself. I'll call the dealer and get the part number. i always like to find the part number myself first so it makes things easy when ordering. Can't seem to find it though, i guess honda doesnt want people ordering the old pin? I know i can switch to a 2010 cam but thats alot more money. My 09 pin lasted 50 hours. Only reason it broke was because my buddy turned the idle down and then let the bike sit there and idle for a while so i don't have a problem with the old pin.
  5. RaceMX84

    Decompression pin

    Where can i get a replacement stock decompression pin for my 09? I am not seeing it in any of the online parts fiche's.
  6. RaceMX84

    Oil Filter Spring ?

    If the spring falls out it will bind up. you would have to use some torque on the wrench to crush the spring or filter and get it to seat right. Its pretty noticeable when it falls out.
  7. RaceMX84

    Eating before surgery

    Im scheduled to have surgery next week on my collarbone. They say that you can not eat after mid night the day before surgery. Thats all fine, but my surgery is scheduled for 3 o clock in the after noon. Even if you have a morning surgery you still have to stop eating at midnight. If i have to go from midnight til 5 or 6 before i have anything to eat i might just die. Is the midnight rule just to make things easier? Or is there actually a reason to it? Would it be a problem to eat something at 3 or 4 in the morning and then not eat til after the surgery? Or should i just load up food the night before?
  8. RaceMX84

    2010 clutch basket

    Hinson has them. They aren't on their website but i got one about 2 months ago.
  9. I am leaving early tuesday morning to head south for a month or so. I need a couple parts for my 09 crf450. I need a right cover gasket, and one clutch spring bolt. If i dont find them up here i will have to order them from a place down south and put the bike together when i get there. Would much rather get it all put together before i pack up. I would be looking for something less than an hour from annapolis. If anyone is willing to let these parts go or knows a cycle shop that has them, please let me know. I will pay honda list price for them, or whatever you would need to replace them. Whatever you think is fair. I know it might be a far stretch to find someone in my area that has these but hey its worth a shot.
  10. RaceMX84

    Yamaha 450 2010 EFI Settings.

    I got a 2010 450 and the tuner,been raining haven't ridden at track,rode in driveway has a lot of power,got the tuner but there is no maps in it,read about some different maps for different tracks and rider liking but have not found were to get them,not exactly sure what adjustments will do what to power and traction,I guess i will call Drd he should know the deal,too risky to play with if not sure,you would think yamaha would have some different maps to try on the stock bike that were safe to run
  11. RaceMX84

    2010 Dirt Bike mag Shootout

    Thats what i dont understand, i feel like the '10 does everything a 08/09 does but better. I came off a full mod 08. Had ported head, high compression piston, cam, megabomb, tokyo mods carb, tokyo mods ignition, all DCL coated suspension. The bike was dialed. I was waffling back and forth between getting a '10 or just keep running my 08. I loved that bike. I ended up getting the '10 and after coming off a full mod bike was expecting to be a little disapointed with it in stock form. Well i did about 1/2 a lap on it and decided i made the ride choice. In stock form the bike, just a few clicker adjustments the bike was handling just as good as my 08, and turning even better. I just need a softer shock spring becuase i am only 130 pounds. If i was 150-160 i wouldnt waste my money on a revalve/respring. The motor is not quite as fast as my mod 08 was, but i expected that. I love the power band though. Seems to have power everywhere and is really easy to ride. My mod 08 wasnt as easy to ride. Im still riding the bike BONE stock and couldnt be happier. Keep in mind, i'll admit im very happy with my 09 450 so i'm not just sticking up for honda. Everyone that i know that has ridden a '10 250f loves the bike.
  12. RaceMX84

    2010 valve shims

    Someone out there has gotta know
  13. RaceMX84

    2010 valve shims

    Are the valve shims the same on the '10 as they were in previous years? Just wondering if my hot cams valve shim kit that i used on my 08 will work before i check the valves on my '10
  14. Anyone use them? Ive heard good things about the Ready filters but what about the filtron? I have a 5 day riding/camping trip coming up soon so im thinking about buying 4 of them so i have a new filter everyday. Sounds alot easier than cleaning and re oiling everyday. Hows the fit and finish on these filters compared to a twin air or something comparable? How do the filtrons hold up to reuse? not that the reusing would make or break me getting them but if they can be reused a couple times it would be nice for future riding trips.
  15. RaceMX84

    My 2010 CRF250

    how do you guys like the factory connection linkage on the 2010 250? Been thinking about trying the one from my 450 on my 250 but i really dont have any complaints about my 250.