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  1. I have the DRC Edge. Really happy with it and easy to install. If I were to do it again, I may have gone with the Yoshisma (sp?). Very similar and about the same price but it allows you to use the stock signal lights so you don't need to change the front if you want front and back to be the same.
  2. Great to know. Thanks. How tall are you?
  3. Thanks for this info. I didn't know there was a standard SC seat. Do you have any idea how much thinner it is than the Tall seat? Just want to make sure I get the right one before I spend the cash.
  4. Hey guys. Bought my DRZ with a Tall Seat Concepts seat. I find it very comfortable but I'm only 5'10" and find the bike sits a little too high. Anyone have any experience with the Seat Concepts Low seat? Is it comfortable- looks pretty thin. Also to lower the bike, a buddy recommended that I tighten down the rear shock. Did this and gained a couple of inches but don't think this was a good idea - rear suspension seems pretty hard now. Any thoughts?? P.S. Anyone interested in a like new Tall Seat Concepts Seat?
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Did the mod - very happy I did.
  6. Hey guys. Just contemplating as to whether or not to pull the trigger and do the 3X3, rejet mod. Is the performance noticeable?
  7. Thanks for the feedback
  8. An acerbis RMZ will work?
  9. Can anyone recommend a dirt bike looking front fender for my 2011 drz
  10. dg400sm. Did gutting the stock pipe (along with moding the airbox and rejetting the carb I assume) make a noticeable difference?
  11. Is the FMF aftermarket header and muffler really worth the $400 + in the way of performance or is the money better spent elsewhere? THanks
  12. Recently saw a klx with a kdx headlight. Very cool
  13. Many thanks for the feedback guys
  14. Just wondering how necessary is the manual cam chain tensioner and how difficult is it to install? My bike has approx. 7500km
  15. What ratio is stock anyway? Maybe stock is fine - I haven't even ridden the bike yet as it's still winter here .