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  1. five0addict

    part numbers for jets

    really? hard to believe that honda changed the jets. the parts numbers are for xr/crf, but i guess not 07 models? if this is true you may not be able to get jets for it. anyone else change jets on a 07 yet?? stock jet part number "99101-187-0580" should be "99101-187-0600" for a # 60 "99101-187-0620" for a #62 you might have gotten xr70 jets?
  2. five0addict

    powder coat?

    aluminum pegs suck. dont waste your money on pegs that will for sure lose there grip.
  3. five0addict

    Throttle Cable Issues

    you cant. you have the wrong throttle cable.
  4. five0addict

    Ct70 auto Clutch alway engaged?

    somethings not right with the clutch. your going to have to open it up and see. the weights on the clutch that disengage it at low rpms may be stuck or broken. im guessing this problem has started recently?
  5. five0addict

    white bros r4 mini with my 88 kit--possible?

    race head or stock head?
  6. five0addict

    15:1 compression piston

    qwoke is correct. im SURE they would sell an unreliable piston. its called racing, sacrifice reliability for power and speed. common knowlede
  7. five0addict

    Newbie Alert!!!!

    applied springs are way too stiff. dont get the china motor!~ get a kit from 50stunt
  8. five0addict

    Custom XR50 Air filter

    cut the end off the catch and use the foam from the stock filter to make it into a filter. bty k&n style filters suck, no really, they literally suck dirt. get an outerwear or go get an foam filter and an outerwear.
  9. five0addict

    Cam Chain Adjustment? 2002 Xr50

    there is a tensioner, just not a manual adjustment.
  10. five0addict

    Cam Chain Adjustment? 2002 Xr50

    strange, i have an 88 with head that has so many hours on it it really blows my mind. shocking really now that i think of all the places ive been on it and how ive ridden it without any regard for engine life. never had a loose cam chain. i suspect something else is wrong, maybe the tensioner? pull the bolt opposite to the drain plug.
  11. five0addict

    perimeter knock offs

    thats the one! lmao
  12. five0addict

    15:1 compression piston

    ka and boom. dont expect it to be reliable and you will need to run straight race gas
  13. five0addict

    perimeter knock offs

    there was a picture around of one snapped right in two. pretty sad, it didnt even break at a weld!
  14. five0addict

    honda 50's and 70's transmission

    you trying to shift while on the throttle? tranny dont like that.
  15. five0addict

    2007 crf70f front forks

    did they change the carb on the 70 too? that sucks never have been able to adjust the spring preload the end unscrews from the shaft the caps in the top.