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  1. jasilva

    any cheap 07 leftovers out there (wr450)

    These guys have 07 WRs for 6399 otd, so roughly 5800 without the CA tax and license. http://www.sierrayamaha.com/got_street.htm Joe
  2. jasilva

    Warning CA state parks users

    The nanny state here is out of control. Which is why I'm coming to NC this spring to start looking for property. Don't worry I'm a redneck at heart and don't plan on bringing CA stupidity back there. Joe
  3. jasilva

    Warning CA state parks users

    Yep, but since the plan for the day was to let my buddy get his son out for a learning day on the new XR80 Prairie City was good enough. I don't have a problem with reasonable efforts to prevent pollution but this state is insane. Joe
  4. jasilva

    Warning CA state parks users

    If your dumb enough to buy one in CA it would be a gutless overpriced piece of crap, fortunately I get to NV often enough to get all my chemicals and gas cans and engine stuff in a somewhat normal state. Joe
  5. jasilva

    Warning CA state parks users

    As with anything else, it's illegal for the HDs also but cops really don't care. These SVRA rangers are little dicked punks who can't make it in the real world. The wad who checked my bike couldn't have even kicked it over let alone ride it, he was an obvious tree hugger. His boss gave him an opportunity to throw his weight around so he makes the most of it. The paper that he gave me justifying his actions actually was misprinted and excluded 05 bikes so I rode anyway since he gave me the printed get out of jail free card. Now I've got the AIS stuck back on for next time, though I doubt it'll do much since I had to weld the line back together where it attaches to the exhaust port. Joe
  6. jasilva

    Warning CA state parks users

    Don't know if this has been posted yet, but I went to Prairie City today for a bit of play time and was told I couldn't ride because I have the AIS removed. Apparently ALL state run OHV parks are checking bikes for this now. If you have a WR(05 and later 450 or 06 and later 250) or CRFx they'll send you home if your AIS is blocked. The rangers have pics of what it should look like and they are checking. Guess I'll have to re-install mine and block it internally. Joe
  7. jasilva

    Another CA plate WR450

    Wrong, if the bike was plated in another state then their is no emissions check in CA other than that original equipment is in place, it DOES NOT have to meet CA standards. There was a court case on this several years ago, CA was forcing new residents to bring their vehicles up to CA standards in order to register, court said no way that was unreasonable. If the vehicle was used in another state for at least 7500 miles CA cannot force you to meet CA standards just the original standard for the state it came from. Joe
  8. jasilva

    2007 wr 450 fork seal

    Also get a 2x4 and cut it to about 10 inches and stick it between the tire and the bottom fork clamp when you haul the bike. I thought I had leaking seals once. Turned out that I over compressed the forks and forced some oil out of the seals while hauling the bike. Once I started riding the up and down motion worked the oil out from under the dust seal. It's incredible how little oil it takes to make one hell of a mess. Joe
  9. jasilva

    It's just a little creek!

    If it could it would be screaming...... Somebody steal me, somebody buy me, somebody do something to save me from this guy! Joe
  10. jasilva

    A question for the little guys

    You can also trim the seat down. It not only lowers it but you get a softer seat this way. I think the surface foam is harder because of the finish on it by cutting this away it allows the seat to flex more. Here's a pic of mine after cutting the seat. If you decide to do this the best method is using an electric carving knife and then smooth it and contour it with a random orbit sander. Joe
  11. jasilva

    GT Tomorrow, friday

    Yeah, I love that spot, no crowds and the ranger rarely gets down there. Beat the heck out of Stony for T-day weekend. If you see us there again stop by for a drink. I have the Weekend Warrior fifth wheel. Joe
  12. jasilva

    GT Tomorrow, friday

    Hey, Super did you and your group go past a camp out where 4 crosses the newly paved section of Rock Creek Rd.? Just curious as I saw a few bikes come by in the am. and a couple of them were 2 smoke pumpkins. Joe
  13. jasilva

    '03 WR 450 dead 10 min after I bought it.

    This is the right track. If the bike sat the gas would collect water from the temp changes over time. It will probably start and run fine as long as you don't get on it hard. Popping and sputtering right before it dies indicates LEAN mixture. What is probably happening is you have water in the fuel bowl which sits there doing nothing until you ride hard and stir it up or get into the main jet enough to suck it up into the jet then you clog your main jet. Most likely since the pilot jet is right next to the main that blob of water is clogging the pilot also as the engine dies and you close the throttle. Drain ALL of the gas from the tank and lines, REMOVE the fuel bowl from the carb and remove the main and pilot jets. Blow out the jets with air and clean and dry the bowl then put it back together and try it. This shouldn't take more than an hour to do. If this doesn't fix it then look at the ignition. Joe
  14. jasilva

    West coast tires

    Only one problem for rushfan....no one is ever behind him. Joe
  15. jasilva

    what is AIS all about????

    Thats all right then, cheap price to pay not to live in Oz. Joe