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  1. repolak

    Southern NJ Singletrack for OHV?

    The trails are flooded, trails intersected, arrows telling to go two different directions. I used to ride there when they first open, I dont think any maintenance has been done since day one.
  2. repolak

    Southern NJ Singletrack for OHV?

    Need some help finding some good singletrack in or near Southern NJ. Field of dreams is terrible now, and I dont have anyone to ride with in PA. Can anyone help me out here? Does anyone have some private trails? I will trade work for access! Thanks.
  3. repolak


    Hey, I am in south jersey and am looking for some people to ride with! Would love to chat with ya, and see if we can find some places together.
  4. repolak

    Left vs. Right Turns

    I certainly can take left handers faster, but turning right has never been a problem(insert zoolander reference here) I personally have rarely needed the rear brake once im in the corner, and most I dont even need my foot out. Now by no means am I good on a dirt bike, its just something I picked up a long time ago. I work a lot on sliding the bike using the rear brake with both feet on the pegs, its practice for mud and in case I get kicked out in a rut, I am ready and not scared by it. I think the big difference is terrain. In sand, I am steering with power, I dont use much brake in sand. In medium and hard pack single track, I use my rear brake a lot, sometimes too much. If its a flat corner, I slide early, almost flat tracking it, and exit on the throttle. If there is a rut, brake before the corner, not in it. I forget who said it but, loosing 10 feet to braking into the corner, is better than loosing 100 feet on the acceleration out of the corner. I hope this made sense, I am sort of rambling, so let me know if you need clarification.
  5. repolak

    2015 TE300 Opinions?

    Okay okay, I dont wanna hear about the 4CS forks, I get it, some hate em, some love em. I will make my own decision if I decide to buy. I was originally going for a 17 300 XCW (orange, I know I know) I saw a 15 TE300 pop up recently, looks like a fair price. $6000, plated in NJ, which isnt easy! Has a lot of mods done already, suspension is already redone, only has 80 hours on it. This will not be my first 2T, but will be my first Husky, assuming I buy. I need your guys thoughts! I know very little opinion wise on these bikes.
  6. repolak

    2004 KTM 250 EXC 2T (Rare? and Compatibility)

    @Lehiguy have you been able to put any of the newer plastics on the bike? I am only up to 2007 and want to go newer.
  7. repolak

    First KTM 2 stroke

    I moved to a 2002 250 EXC from a crf250x. These things will make you grin every time you ride. Look at getting the newer 2004 plastics for the bike. Please feel free to give me a message about looking for mods for the older bike. I have done a lot to mine. Have fun, and dont forget to smile
  8. repolak

    OEM Handgaurds

    Hello all, Will the OEM handgaurds from a 2015 250 XCW fit on any bar that is 1 1/8? I have a 2002 ktm 250 EXC, and I just love the look of these guards.
  9. I own a 2002 ktm 250 EXC. First two stroke, 3rd bike ever. I have learned that I love wrenching on my bike and am currently putting a bit more money than its worth, but the experience and knowing that the thing is gorgeous is worth it to me. Bike was $1700, Ive put about $1200 and it runs and looks like a dream, New is great for people that can afford it, I cant.
  10. repolak

    What are you getting your bike for Christmas?

    May or may not being doing a full rebuild of a 2002 ktm 250 exc. Since I am new to working on bikes, I think itll be worth the money to instead of buying newer, just enjoy a dream bike.
  11. repolak

    Beginner dirt bikers looking for riding classes

    if you wanna make a trip, come out to south NJ, would love to meet up and see what we can accomplish.
  12. repolak

    Riding Buddy's? South NJ

    Email sent
  13. repolak

    02 SX Tank on 02 EXC

    I found a 02 SX tank for a good deal and want to put it on my 02 EXC, will they fit well?
  14. repolak

    Plastic swap

    Im right there with you, I have a 02 250 EXC and thought that might be the best idea. I would try UFO or Motosport's OEM section. you can buy all the plastics off the OEM and at good price. I might end up modding mine and I will let you know what I find out.
  15. repolak

    2002 250 EXC Plastics update?

    Hey all, currently making my child a beauty again, I wanted to move up to the newer plastics because it just is easier to find them, and graphics for them. Anyone have recommended years to go for, and what mods I will need in order to make them fit well. It currently has an 04 subframe, im not sure what year the plastics are(previous owner put them on)