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  1. Akers

    2017 500EXC accessories

    Gen 2 radiator guards by Bulletproof Designs. TM Designworks skidplate Canyon Dancer Triple clamp Tie Down Strap Rings (after realizing the handlebars are "busy" compared to my DRZ) Scotts Steering Damper sub mount kit and guide. 50 tooth rear sprocket (99% offroad use - and msay drop to 13t front) Waiting on springs to be manufactured for both front and rear.
  2. Akers

    california city hotel?

    The closest place to stay to Cal City is the Motel 6 in Mojave. If you are coming from the North and don't want to backtrack then there are a number of places to stay in Ridgecrest; though none cheaper than Motel 6.
  3. Won't removing that cover leave the assembly completely open to the dust and grime? The only reference I have is what was included with the carb from TT. Ok - crap. I see I have a ton of stuff from the FAQ to print out tomorrow.
  4. Yes this is the TT fcr-mx kit. Current issue - the cover that gets pulled off to do the 0-ring mod is right up against the frame. As in in order to remove it the carb has to be moved out and grinding out some of the frame would apply tight? Is this normal?
  5. Ok I'm bumping this once more for confirmation from the knowledgeable world. My friend is doing the install today and tomorrow.
  6. Ahhh - thank you. Seriously I could not find it again for some reason. Yes that is what I could not find again today. CRS sea level,aftermarket pipe with open muffler- 160 main jet 200 main air jet EMN needle clip 3 45 pilot jet remove pilot air jet 2 turns fuel screw o-ring mod So this applies whether you have a kicker, S, etc?
  7. I swear I have seen the thread a few dozen times and now I can't find it - regarding the starting point for jetting with certain options. I am trying to give my friend who is installing my pipe and carb a starting point. 2004 DRZ400E - California Model (so do I use numbers for an S?) stock motor - not even the base gasket mod 3x3 mod TT-FCRMX39 + Keintech extended fuel screw mrd-ssw open sea level -3000' Mojave desert temps so quite a range. From the TT Store link for the carb as shipped. Carb comes standard with the following: - 200 Main Air Jet - 160 Main Jet - 45 Pilot Jet - 100 Pliot Air Jet - EMR or EMS Needle (but the initial kit list shows an EMN needle)
  8. Looks sweeeet. I just ordered the same parts yesterday. Fortunately I pulled the one armed excuse and my mechanic friend will get to deal with any struggles.
  9. Akers

    1 armed motocross rider

    Tagging this for later as I am a Onearmed rider. Damn friends must want me dead. Thanks for the post.
  10. Akers

    Sisneros Speed Works special edition MRD pipe!

    jealous. I still need an fcr damn CA E model.
  11. Akers

    Harassed by CHP?

    "I got cited one time on 126 westbound in Ventura County for 59 mph in a 55 mph zone" There's generally very little tolerance with regards to "Blood Alley". Though that is generally the highway portion and not the freeway portion.
  12. Akers

    Our Time To Help -Cal-City OHV Fee

    Bought our permits at the "Outpost" on the way home this past Sunday. We stopped on our way in but everyone was still asleep.
  13. Akers

    Fork guard/slider question for my drz-E

    That looks very clean. I didn't see that thread on my search for some reason. Thank you.
  14. Well after 2 + years I have finally blown a fork seal. Is the KTM guard my best option or are there others I should consider? I would love to remove the boot but as I ride in the desert dust and rocks 95% of the time I want to make sure I am still keeping things protected as much as possible.
  15. Akers

    How do you pick up your DRZ?

    Being paralyzed and only riding again for the last couple of years (but still 100% stubborn) I can tell you that I have had my fair share of "get-offs". I have been on my stomach with the entire bike on top of me on a triple black diamond hill and still managed to drag myself out from underneath and pick my bike back up. I did get help getting passed the section that tried to kill me (no honestly I still blame that on my friends bright idea that a one-handed guy even go down this trail)but I was able to pick the bike upright. Ok so someone mentioned adrenaline but it probably does help being fairly strong and 6'1 x 260 pounds and stubborn. Shrug; I just grab a handlebar and pick it up with the bars turned all the way to the side I am standing on. If a one handed guy can do it ... Edit: I should add that when on a hill and having to pick my bike up I drag it to a position so that the bike is facing with the rear brake downhill at about a 60 degree angle.