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  1. djtroy

    Tusk Wheels / Spokes

    I need to replace a couple broken spokes. Is this something I can just buy a few of if so what size would I need or what do I look for. Or do I have to buy the whole set just to replace two spokes??
  2. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    Clarke Manufacturing Clarke Manufacturing
  3. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    Thats great to know. Those guys have gone above and beyond for me and my builds.
  4. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    They can do anything you want on ignition and clutch covers. Did you see mine? Just call them, tell them I sent ya.
  5. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    Ok here she is complete and ready to rip. Thanks for all the compliments guys. I also want to thank ASV Inventions for the levers, Cycra for the hookup on plastics and Nihilo for all the awesome bling on this bike. Please support these awesome companies if it ever comes down to a decision and ur undecided. Thanks
  6. djtroy

    Solutions for 1 7/8 bars

    Just bought a set of Pro Taper Fuzion bars and they dont fit stock clamps. Whast the best way to make them fit? I bought the Pro Taper adapters but now my bars are way too high for my liking. Do I have to go with route of triple clamps? Should I try and find rubber mounted ones?
  7. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    thanks guys I have a 250 two stroke I did too and I have twice as much money into that thing. add me on IG djtroycollier. The best part is that I just changed careers and I will be doing finance in Jacksonville at a dealership called Pure Powersports. My buddy is the owner and he already asked me to put them in his showroom so that's where they will be. The shop WMR / Nihilo who did all the billet stuff has one of the most beautiful shops in the country for moto. But they arent local to me any more so shes going north.
  8. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    95% done. Adding ASV levers, fork wraps, air box boot clamps, new quick turn throttle housing, brake rotors and a few other little goodies. And then we will do a real photo shoot with it.
  9. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    Here are a few more photos as we get closer. I haven't even showed my buddies these cause I want to surprise them. You guys are getting the sneak peek before she's fully built. Wheels on and Nihilo made me footpegs and a case saver from my bike. So if you guys need aluminum or titanium foot pegs or case saver they now have them for the yz125
  10. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    They just made them for me. So they aren't listed yet. Call them at WMR Competition Performance. Tell them you are friends with Troy Collier and ask if they can sell you one. Either ask for Bobby or Ryan.
  11. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    Yes they engraved my logo into it but they actually make ignition covers for yz's. We all know how hard it is to find them and to be honest the boyessen one is played out.
  12. djtroy

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    Well here we go boys. She's starting to come to life. I decided to ditch the oem blue tank for a black one.
  13. djtroy

    Modern UFO restyled plastic kit

    This was the kit I tore off. Brand new. But the other kit is what I replaced it with. Cycra black. I'd sell those plastics for $75 shipped
  14. djtroy

    Modern UFO restyled plastic kit

    Oh wow I did t know the polisport kit was that cheap. I looked this one up with sold listings and they were selling for close to $150+