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  1. Disaster.. couldnt get a dampner.. got a week and a bit before my 460km race.. (like.. 270miles?).. so ill have to make do without one for the time being.. its been 3 weeks since i ordered it.. i hate how some people cant treat anything with a dead line as urgent.. but if and when it eventually turns up ill let you know.. apparent cost will be nearly $1000 au..
  2. Still waiting for this scotts system to turn up. Will update when it does
  3. Ktm 6 days comes with a rubber mounted handle bar clamp. Interesting to know if huskies are coming out with them hence no 6days ktm or huskie slagging?. Ive got the scotts rubber mount system coming (150 au dollars more) for the kit with it. Ill have to wait a week to get it. Not many floating around in Australia.
  4. Not sure why people get on here and say "its a 4 stroke they vibrate. Goodluck" my old crf450 was never this bad it did vibrate but not nearly as much. A friends kxf450 is so smooth the handle bars feel dead and my cr250.. well.. it could have sat in place on any adult set. The hand numbing debate is very dependant on the person riding it.. and the frequency of the vibrations. Im going to run the scotts rubber mounted bar system for the under bar dampner, raising the bars a tad as well. Although the only thing that gets feeling back into my arms is hanging them down and giving them a rest. (Very much a medical problem aswell ide imagine that cant be fixed due to work) cheers. Ill update with anything that makes a difference.
  5. Short and tall of it is i have a 2014 ktm 500 exc.. the handle bars vibrate almost as bad as my old 2 stroke. After an amount of time my hands go numb from the vibrations.. alright and no im not pulling the motor out.. splitting the block and balancing the crank.. not until it needs to come out. Whats worked for others?. I run renthal kevlar grips and im not going to run pillow tops. Options?. Do not mention balancing.. not interested.. ill do it when i need to pull the motor out.
  6. Shwarno

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    My 2014 ktm 500 exc (aus) Race on Sunday Ride to work on Monday.
  7. My big girl. 2014 ktm 500exc. "Steg pegs" "FMF slip on" Tuned suspension. Bigger tank. DHL sticker kit. Renthal Kevlar grips. 50 odd hours.. Race it on weekends.. ride to work on Monday. (+ or - a few things)
  8. Shwarno

    Just put my Scott's damper on

    Interesting, i just ordered a Scotts damper, i'm looking for something to not so much take the twitch out but to reserve a bit of energy on the straights. i bought mine about a year ago as well and i've never ran a damper on any of my bikes. I've added "steg pegs" and had the suspension tuned to my weight. Got the fmf pipe and all that gear. looking forward to it. if they are actually that twitchy in the front it should make a massive difference. Was also looking for a bit of bar height to from a sub mount.
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    KTM 500 EXC (2014)


    good thing.
  10. Shwarno

    KTM 500 EXC 2014

    good thing.