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    These DRZ400 wheels and tires are in excellent shape, they were removed from a 2018 DRZ400SM with only 800 miles. I have added S/E sized brake rotors so they are ready for supermoto conversion. They are located in Snowflake, AZ but I visit the Phoenix area often and would be happy to deliver them there. I will also package and ship them at the buyers expense.


    Snowflake, Arizona - US

  2. I lurk over in the DRZ section a lot. My bike will likely be an evolution over time like yours, tinkering with it is as fun as riding it! As a new rider I don't yet feel the desire for it to be faster, but I am sure I will eventually. I have done some functional work on it though, a couple weeks ago I upgraded the lighting, I am setting up a set of SM wheels, putting in a Rekluse clutch, and just this morning I started having fuel starvation problems so looks like I am going to be taking the carb out again to try and get that sorted out. Maybe I should just get the FCR :).
  3. Hey ohiodrz400sm, those are impressive numbers! I am the guy on the DRZ in the video, SouthwestORV told me about this post this morning. My bike is a California version E model, so its lighter than a stock street DRZ but not much extra power. On top of that, he is a better rider than I am. Only mod on my bike is I changed the jets for elevation.
  4. azorr

    California E Exhaust question

    Good idea to check the parts fiche. If I am reading it correctly the header pipe is the E version. Thanks! Thank you for the measurement, I will check mine tomorrow morning!
  5. I have a 2006 E model that I am guessing is a California version since it has the Mikuni carb. I am trying to determine if the CA E model comes with the E exhaust or the S exhaust. Is there something on my exhaust that I can measure to determine which I have for sure?
  6. azorr

    Dual wheels gear options

    Thanks all. I think what I will do is swap my front to 15 and get 44 for the rear. I will keep the 14 front around and swap it on for the occasions that I hit serious single track or tough riding, most of my dirt work is just 2 tracks and ranch roads around my house which should be just fine with 15/47. I live in a rural area so 15/44 should be OK on the SM wheels since I never need to go over 65 and over 55 is pretty rare. I will try it out and if its no good I will spring for another chain and 41 tooth sprocket. Thanks again for the help!
  7. azorr

    Dual wheels gear options

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask for recommendations on gearing choice for a dual wheel setup. I have a 2006 DRZ400E and am getting a set of SM wheels. I currently run the stock 14/47 gearing and want to keep about that same gear ratio for my offroad wheels. I am curious what is the highest gear ratio I can run on the SM wheels and still be able to use the same chain for easy swaps. Any tips from those that have done this? Thanks in advance.
  8. azorr

    Barkbusters for E model

    Thanks, here are a couple more pictures of the back side too show the levers. The clutch is a little tight but not bad. You're pros should have even more room. I debated between blue and yellow, that's one of the reasons I got the MX hand shields. They are only $15 if I want to change color in the future.
  9. azorr

    Barkbusters for E model

    I just mounted a pair of the Tusk D-Flex handguards (original, not the pro model) with MX shields this morning on my 06 E. At $40 they are about as inexpensive as you will get, and the yellow is nearly a perfect color match. Here is a picture, please excuse the messy garage in the background
  10. azorr

    Arctic Cat DVX 400 2007

  11. azorr

    Arctic Cat DVX 400 (2007)


  12. azorr

    Just got a WR426!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Over the last week I have changed the oil and filter, coolant, brake fluid, air filter, and epoxied the rear fender. I also found the bike had a pressure switch for the brake light that was not connected so I wired that up as well. I think the next big task is going to be rebuilding the suspension. The seals are leaking a bit and I am sure the oil is way past due for a change. I will probably take a break for a week or so before I tackle that and just enjoy the bike. I am planning to go find a real trail tomorrow to ride since so far I have been on dirt roads and farm fields.
  13. azorr

    Oil Gasket question

    Perfect, thanks!
  14. azorr

    Oil Gasket question

    Thank you for your quick responses and for your willingness to help. I am afraid we may be discussing different parts, I apologize that my original question wasn't clear enough. This is the metal drain plug on the bottom of the crank case that is removed through a hole in the skid plate. The gasket in question is number 12 on the attached diagram.
  15. azorr

    Oil Gasket question

    Ah, so there should be a rubber o ring between the silver washer and the crank case? I assumed it had a copper gasket/crush washer like on my truck and on the frame plug.