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  1. If you get a carb off of a 88-89 NX250 it will drop right into a CRF230. It is 2mm larger (28mm) and has an accelerator pump built in. I have one ready to go onto my CRF150 Flattracker.
  2. Sideways_xr100

    Stock 150f carb size?

    CRF150F carbs work great on modified XR100s. Direct bolt on. You just need to remove the air valve on the side and block off the vacuum ports.
  3. Sideways_xr100

    '72 Husky 250 questions?

    Your Husky should have bare aluminum forks not black. That came in 1973. Red springs means your bike has Curnutt shocks and not stock. Go to www.huskyclub.com for more info on the paint.
  4. Sideways_xr100

    SM Race / Track Day apparel Questions

    Keep an eye out for a Shift supermoto suit. They are 1 piece and can be found on sale for $300 or less. I have one and for the money it is the best I have found. PS. I have hit the ground with it and it is holding up well
  5. Sideways_xr100

    supermoto 150s

    A well ridden properly set up CRF150F on the right track can run with 250/450s all day long. I have 2 XR100s and a CRF150F set up for flattrack and supermoto and they are a blast. Am I going to win a national with them...no. But I have ridden just about everything at one time or another and I have the most fun racing minis. I'd rather ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. Buy street tires for your 150 and leave it stock. You can go surprisingly fast on these with little set up. You just need to practice your technique. You can spend a TON on these things (ask me how I know) and go faster, but they are most fun in stock form.
  6. Sideways_xr100

    supermoto 150s

    Add up all the parts on a sheet of paper. Wheels, engine mods, ect. Make sure it is everything you want to do. Take you time and add it all up. Include any labor costs. Then DOUBLE it.
  7. Sideways_xr100

    XR 80/100 rear mods

    Get a BBR swingarm and a Works shock. Best improvement with the least amount of work.
  8. Sideways_xr100

    xr100 dt tires

    Get chinsin (sp?) 858 tires. They are cheap, come in stock size and work good for dirt track. They came recommended from Frank at EO.
  9. Sideways_xr100

    how to unstretch an xr100 frame?

    Honestly, you should buy another frame. Or strap a come along between the front frame downtube and the footpeg mount and squeeze it together.
  10. Sideways_xr100

    CR80/85 Fork Conversion??

    I just got my triple clamp back from them with no problems. They travel to races around the country so maybe they are out of town. It's just a mom and pop shop.
  11. Sideways_xr100


    Thanks again for all the great ideas. I'm going the XR100 route on the carb as I like the adjustability. I'll start looking for ATV shocks as I'm a cheap bast**d!
  12. Sideways_xr100


    Thanks for the advice. I have found a rebuild kit for a xl125 that looks like it will work. Any other ideas on shocks. Works are great but expensive. I'd love a new pair of stockers or some really low mile ones.
  13. Sideways_xr100


    I am having a hell of a time finding replacement shocks for a TLR200. Can someone point me in the right direction. Also, how about a carb rebuild kit. Is this carb used on other models? Or possibly an economical replacement?? Thanks again guys
  14. Sideways_xr100

    Finding the right caloric intake...

    Check out www.bodybuilding.com They have quite a few formulas for determining caloric intake. Then check out www.fitday.com and this will help you keep track of what you eat. You would be shocked how bad some stuff is for you. Good luck.