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  1. touvanna

    Oil and nitrogen capacity

    Hey guys i am rebuilding my rm125 1994 rear shock tomorrow and i would like to know how much oil and nitrogen should i use.
  2. Looking to find a reasonably priced shock for my rm125 2003 and i cant!Is there anybody selling for about 65 dollars plus shipping?

  3. touvanna

    starts revving high

    Well a friend of mine told me to twistbthe tgrottle twice before i start it which i did and i worked!Thank God nothing replaced or taken off!
  4. touvanna

    starts revving high

    Thats what i do mate
  5. touvanna

    starts revving high

    If it is an air leak then why it only revs high and when i say high i mean really high scary high at the first 30 seconds?oh, and the choke is on
  6. touvanna

    starts revving high

    So my rm 125 1994 when it starts it starts revved high.Used to do that before but i took off the carb cleaned it and put it back.The next day when i started it it was working very good but after about 2 weeks it started doing the same thing.Well when I start her she revs high for about 30 secs then is ok,so what could be the problem?
  7. touvanna

    Weak spark on rm125 1994

    So guys the problem was that moose stators factory did a mistake or the cdi box factory did!Anyways connectors on stator or on cdi box was in wrong place and i had to change them then first kick second kick and it finnally started!!!
  8. Hello everyone i am looking forward to buy a motocross helmet at about 50-60$ that is good and ships worldwide!Well i was thinking about some motocross chinese helmets from e**y but i am not sure about its quality and i dont want to waste money and time!
  9. touvanna

    Please help!

    Well guys i found the problem!I ordered a moose racing stator for my rm and when i put it on i still got no spark then i thought that i may connected the wires wrong!I checked them they seem right but i changed them anyway and i finnaly got a spark!!Well maybe it was a fault from the stator factory or the cdi box!!
  10. touvanna

    Please help!

    So one day i went to start my rm 125 1994 and it wouldnt start so i checked if there is a spark.No spark at all.Then i found out that my stator and cdi got burnt so i ordered new ones changed coil changed spark basically i changed everything.Then i kickstarted my bike to start but it wouldnt start then i checked the stator and was burned so i sent it back to give me my money back.The stator was electrosport and i have read in many threads that electrosport stators arent good so i am looking forward to put a moose racing stator on my 1994 rm125 and the seller wont accept refunds if i open the box can you please help me?
  11. touvanna

    moose racing stators

    Are moose racing stators good?Cause i am looking forward to buy one for my rm 125 1994.
  12. touvanna

    Weak spark on rm125 1994

    The piston and cylinder(rings too)were changed about 6 months ago.I have done a compression test was 169psi which this is very good.But do you know the stator timing for rm125 1994?Everybody says to match the arrow on case with the one on stator but there is no arrow on stator.So if you know can you please send a photo where the screws on the stator have to be please?
  13. touvanna

    Weak spark on rm125 1994

    Everything is new mate i just pushed it from a downhill with gear in and started and took her for a ride then i got home switched it off and kickstarted it and didnt start. I just dont know what to do
  14. touvanna

    Weak spark on rm125 1994

    Hey,i have an rm 125 1994.Two months ago i took her to the track for the first time.I unloaded her from the truck tried to start her up.I kicked her so many times to make her start but nothing.Then i checked for spark.No spark.Then i got home and found out that i need cdi box and stator so i ordered from ****.Yesterday i finally got my parts but the spark was so weak so i bought one coil too.But still very weak spark.