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  1. dogeddie

    gas leak if bike is tipped

    Ha ha ha ha ­čśÇ
  2. dogeddie

    40F0 pipe in classifieds

    It's been sold
  3. dogeddie

    40F0 pipe in classifieds

    If anyone is interested I put a GSXR 1000 40F0 pipe in the classifieds for an exhaust upgrade
  4. <<With it cooled down the coolant sits at upper which I am assuming is abit to much? >> No, should be full up to just about the neck. Are you checking the actual radiator or the overflow tank? Don't fill the overflow tank up to the neck.
  5. dogeddie

    snorkel out question

    I have the snorkel out of my 2001 XR 250. Moved the needle clip up one notch to improve mid range, which helped. I put a 135 main jet in to offset the snorkel removal based on some old posts on this forum. Is that an adequate size to offset any lean issues? Bike seems to run well. Thanks
  6. dogeddie

    slow jet

    Good stuff - thanks Chuck! https://www.steahlyoffroad.com/honda-crf-250x-2004-17-flywheel-complete-517 So you recommend the 12 ounce (for slow and timid trail riders?) ; ) I'm only 51 Chuck!!
  7. dogeddie

    slow jet

    Chuck, what can you tell me about disconnecting the TPS? Any tips?
  8. dogeddie

    slow jet

    Thanks. The bike runs so nice though. Doesn't make sense. I am going to try a different method of setting the fuel screw first. I have read that it is set right when you can squeeze the hot start and gain rpms, but is there truth to the bike shutting off when choked when set correctly?
  9. dogeddie

    slow jet

    I have a 2015 that is stock except PAIR valve removed, and I installed a 140 main at the suggestion of some forum members to keep it cooler at high RPMs. I am not interested in the airbox mod or the JD jet kit. I am trying to keep a mild throttle response for tight woods riding. This past weekend we rode in upper Michigan and it seemed to lag on me a few times at low idle in some tough spots that caused me to wipe out - the motor just quit. So I checked the RD flex fuel screw and ended up at like 3 -3/4 turns out. Which seemed odd. I was able to get good results at that setting, as in bike rpms rose when I pulled in hot start, and died when I choked it. But 3 3/4 turns out is alot. So I installed a 45 slow jet tonight and preliminary readings are at like 3 turns out yet to achieve similar results. This is not what I expected. Anyone have similar experience? Are the Flex screw readings similar to oem slow jets? Thanks
  10. dogeddie

    gas leak if bike is tipped

    Damn that's gotta hurt. You spoiled my breakfast
  11. dogeddie

    gas leak if bike is tipped

    I just hit it with WD 40 once in a while
  12. dogeddie

    gas leak if bike is tipped

    Bike runs and starts great. To lube the chain sometimes I will start the bike, tip it slightly on the kickstand, and lube the rotating chain. If I get it tipped too far (which is not much), the overflow tube will leak. Is this normal? The bike will usually run like crap for a few minutes after as well. Mechanically what is happening here? I would think on a crash /tip over, that it would leak like crazy. Anyone else?
  13. dogeddie

    remove passenger hand holds

    My rear blinkers are attached to the passenger rear hand holds. I'd like to remove them. How do you guys do it? Cut the welds and remount to? - or re attach the blinkers somewhere else?
  14. dogeddie

    XR250 limited baffle mod

    Thanks. I meant the spark arrester has been removed from a PO. I ended up pulling the baffle out the end. https://4strokes.com/viewtopic.php?t=768 It's louder than I would like. Of course my son loves it. Think I will try drilling it.