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  1. beta

    Trailriding Maine

    We do single and 2 day events all season, Get some guys together and We will give you a tour, Keep an eye on trailridingmaine Facebook page also, I see you are from Jersey, We come down in the spring and ride some of the enduros, While we have still have snow here. Any pull on the Hammer run? I see its full?
  2. beta

    maine Trailriding Maine

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myvKYvwGDgg Video from 2 day event in Maine. Check out TrairidingMaine on Facebook
  3. beta

    Weekend trip near Boston

  4. beta

    trailriding maine

    We are hosting one and 2 day rides all summer, Get a group together and come ride with us.
  5. Added the Beta pad, Best Mod I've done on my bike!
  6. beta

    Any good spots in Maine?

    Sorry. Head to Machias and unload,
  7. beta

    Any good spots in Maine?

    Head to ellsworth and unload , from there head to Cutler , You will have to ride the road a little ways, Name of the ATV club is East Stream ATV riders. They welcome dirt bikes. Check out Trailriding maine on Facebook,
  8. beta

    '16 430RR hanging idle

    Having same issue, We have the bst software, We have tried everything and the stepper motor does not change, Toke it out and found some gunk, cleaned and still high idle, Any advice?
  9. beta

    trailriding maine

    Riding with Harvey Mushmin. Very steep single track , Over 3000k vertical in elevation.
  10. beta

    trailriding maine

    We are a 45 minutes north of Portland. We ride out of buckfield most times. In the Fall we do a lot of riding up north, Bingham, Machias, Rangely and weld. We are planning on some 2 day rides this summer.
  11. beta

    trailriding maine

    This is our annual club ride , Pine Tree Trail Riders . PTTR http://www.pinetreetrailriders.com/album/ We have it every year in the fall, with an overnight stay, The last few years we have stayed at Sunday River ski resort. No arrows, Everyone rides in groups according to you ability. average 100 miles a day thru the mountains of Maine.
  12. beta

    trailriding maine

    Video from our annual 2 day ride in Maine,
  13. beta

    Maine trailriding maine

    Plenty of riding here in the great state of Maine, From serious single track mountain climbs to flat out logging roads up north. 100 to 200 miles a day, Check out the the trailridingmaine Facebook page . For some great pics. Lets ride!