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  1. vetxmike55x

    Who has the best looking klx/drz 110 on thumpertalk

    Thanks Here are the new pics that were taken after vegas
  2. vetxmike55x

    best pit for $2000

    SSR 150R without a ?
  3. vetxmike55x

    SSR Pitbikes

    That will work perfect
  4. vetxmike55x

    SSR Pitbikes

    On the inner rotor part,any bike that comes with one stock you should check the gap before ridding it.
  5. vetxmike55x

    Hurricane B ZX8 Bomber

    The ZX8 is not a SSR. SSR has never sold any midsize perimeter bikes.
  6. vetxmike55x

    Pitbike Frames That Hold Up

    This is slowracers five-0 frame set up.
  7. vetxmike55x

    Scut106 Vs Takegawa 124

    The 124 makes about 4hp more than the 106
  8. vetxmike55x

    My Retro Pitbike, just finished!

    I dig it ,you should powdercoat the frame red
  9. vetxmike55x

    Pitster Pro and more to come!!

    Call pax racing (818)897-0373 http://paxracingstore.com/shop/index.php Don knows exactly what to do,he is the only one that i've heard of that has actually dynoed a 178 scut kit on one and he is adressing the clutch slipping problem when over trying to get over 18 hp. Make sure who ever does it,doesn't bore the cases by hand.
  10. vetxmike55x

    Ktm 65 Fork On A Klx 110

    Here you go. http://paxracingstore.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=369&osCsid=a96345269463a305da841041422fe655 or http://paxracingstore.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=467
  11. vetxmike55x

    Reeg crf70

    I am selling mine,i've got a couple of diferent motors I can put in it depending on your price range
  12. vetxmike55x

    Marzocchi clickers

    No problem