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  1. rajflyboy

    Will Dungey...

    Crushed 2 weeks in a row Better win next week according to your standards
  2. rajflyboy

    JGR Yamaha pics?

    I didn't know he Kawi was having front end issues till last night Honda really has their program together this year
  3. rajflyboy

    Davalos.... Impressed

    Hats off to MD. Tuff guy for sure.
  4. rajflyboy

    JS already Defeated

    If James gets some more top 10s while his knee heals he still may have a shot at the title if he wins a bunch at the end of the season
  5. rajflyboy

    Will Dungey...

    Dungey's best chance is the same as it always is. He has a chance to win if the fast guys get hurt or crash.
  6. rajflyboy

    JGR Yamaha pics?

    The Yamaha is too twitchy. None of the fastest guys are riding the Yamaha Suzuki would also be good for JGR
  7. rajflyboy

    McGrath needs our help

    MC is still the Greatest of all time! I hope his wife and family are able to pull through this horrible disease
  8. rajflyboy

    JGR Yamaha pics?

    JGR has some awesome trick stuff Now if they just had a Kawi or Honda to put it on they might just end up on the podium.
  9. rajflyboy

    Now that's what a great supercross track looks like!

    Its not the bikes fault that Dungey is slower than the TOP riders
  10. rajflyboy

    Dungey KTM

    Dungey wins because the other riders havetrouble. He cannot win when the top riders stay on their bikes for 20 laps. Consistency is what allows Dungey to win occasionally but he will never be as fast as Bubba or RV and KTM's are still junk in my opinion. over priced scrap metal
  11. rajflyboy

    can something be done about ralph sheheen?!

    Ralph does a great job! He is getting bashed here for no good reason. He is basically the color person in the booth. Its his job to say stuff to create interest in the broadcast.
  12. Bubba is gonna spank some booty tonight in Anaheim Oh yes baby
  13. rajflyboy

    James Stewart REDICULOUS

    Bubba will definately win tonight!
  14. rajflyboy

    Will Dungey win the 2012 SX championship ?

    I'm thinking the bigger question is can he finish inside the top 5? I'm guessing he will finish 4th or 5th in points. All the big guns are back in full swing this year. Dungey will never beat a healthy Ryan or Bubby or Chad for that matter.