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  1. Any one can compare between the 2? Handling, suspension, reliability and quality wise?
  2. Would you use sedona + tubliss for racing in local enduros? Sent from my SM-G935F using ThumperTalk mobile app
  3. How is traction with tubliss? And how many psi are you using? Im in the tubliss vs mousses debate right now. Dont know which to buy. Sent from my SM-G935F using ThumperTalk mobile app
  4. Title says it all. Best mousse size for this tyre. It works best with low pressure around 8 psi. Slavens recommends 110/90-19 i think. Sent from my SM-G935F using ThumperTalk mobile app
  5. Betas cost around 10,800, the gasser 10,500, Ktm exc's and Husky Te cost 11,500 - 12,000. The best dealership in my opinion are betas and gasgas (same dealer). Best prices in parts and bikes, and best payment options. Im concerned about gasgas resale value and parts availability. But im in love with the bike. Excellent components. Sent from my SM-G935F using ThumperTalk mobile app
  6. They look increible in person, they feel light and built quality is top notch. They are almost 1.5k cheaper than ktm /husqvarnas over here. The only thing i dislike is the electric starter design its like the old ktms. I've not ridden it yet but im keen to try one. Sent from my SM-G935F using ThumperTalk mobile app
  7. I do, they are available here in dominican republic. Sent from my SM-G935F using ThumperTalk mobile app
  8. I own a 16' te 250 and im planning to buy a new bike for 2018. I saw the new gasser yesterday and it looks awesome. What are yoyr thoughts on thess bikes? Sent from my SM-G935F using ThumperTalk mobile app
  9. You're right. I own a 16 te 250 right now. Its set up for me and i really love my bike. Im 5' 10' im been running for 3 years. Ive owned a 12' ktm 250 xcw and the husky now. I wanted to try the beta because all of the good things ive heard. I dont want to change mine right now. I think for next year its time for a change and there are so many good bikes out there for 2018 i dont know which one to choose[emoji26]
  10. I agree with you. Thats the only thing i dislike from the beta. They just look destroyed after a few years. Ktm seems to have better quality on plastics etc. It is the only that keeps me from buying a beta.
  11. You should have a bike you like the most. Dont you?
  12. This topic is for the ones who have changed from ktm/husky to beta? Do you like the beta better? Handling? Suspension? Reliability and/or quality? I want an honest review cuz im thinking changing my husky for an 18' beta but im not convinced yet.
  13. Ill try 15 psi and see how it goes. Thanks
  14. Thanks for your reply. Im 5 10 not big but im okay with ktm/husky height. The beta seems to have very good reviews eevrywhere but personally i dont like the looks of the 14-17, now the 18 looks better. Another important thing for me is suspension, ive seen very mixed reviews about betas and the xplor (ktm) are new so not so many reviews i can read. I also think that betas plastic quality is not on par with ktm so they look kind of ugly after some use. The most affordable bike and the best dealership support over here is beta hands down. Well see what happens next year for me [emoji28]
  15. I've been thinking about changing my bike next year. I have a 16' Te 250. I've been riding for 2.5 years. Im in love with 17 ktms but i've owned a ktm and also a husqvarna so i would like to try something new. Beta, sherco or maybe the new gasgas ? Anyways i would like someone with a 17 250 or 300 exc give me their reviews and thoughts about their bike because ktm is at the top of my list.