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  1. I've ridden both and IMO i prefer the sherco. The handling is superior and suspension too. The map switch really works and engine is awesome. And for me the Sherco looks way better, you should look for the 2019 factory edition with KYB's.
  2. I Did. They are sending me a new one without charge. Thanks.
  3. Last sunday i had a tubliss failure. When i dismounted the tire the rim lock was broken. I ordered the red liner because i thought it included the rimlock. To my surprise the rimlock was not included and i cant find it on the internet. Anyone knows where can i buy it? I dont want to buy a complete tubliss just for the rim lock.
  4. Any reviews on this tyre?
  5. Thanks
  6. Will it seat the bead properly?
  7. Which head should i buy? The s3 Super high comp insert? Gearing is 13/49. I'll try removing 2 springs, im a little afraid of slippage though.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I have like 6 hours. Didnt have enough time for riding because of the holidays. Also clutch pull is harder than the ktm/husky, have you done something to make the pull softer? Ive read about midwest lever and ktm springs also.
  9. Mine's the 17 250 SE-R. Im coming from a Husky 16 Te 250 and the sherco is awesome in comparison.This is my first Sherco and i have a few questions to see if you can help me out. How does the map switch suppose to feel? What i feel is like it goes flat on top when in soft map, like the power sign off earlier. Does the pv cable needs to be adjusted or something like that? Other thing is, i have no problem starting in neutral but in gear sometimes it spins slower, maybe clutch drag? Last question is, Is there any way to make the bike more powerful? My previous bike was set up with the red pv spring and it was more powerful than the Sherco. I like how the sherco puts the powerr to the ground, smooth and linear but a little more power doesnt hurt anyone.
  10. Do you have a 2st?
  11. Are you staying with Sherco for your next bike?
  12. Do you currently own a sherco? I would say you cant go wrong with either brand. They are all good bikes with their weaks and strong points. Pick the one you like. For now im loving my Sherco, lets see how it goes.
  13. I rode my sherco today and it is amazing! I cant describe how well the bike handles. I just felt confortable in 5 minutes, i rode it back to back to my very well setup 16' TE 250 and the husky felt like a tank in comparison, im in love with it. Suspension is good, the rear need a little adjustment though. The map switch is like others have said, like having two bikes in one.