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  1. Bending. On cement it does fine, but on dirt or grass it feels like I'm pushing it's limits. I'll cut it down. If it becomes unstable I guess I can always replace the axle.
  2. Kinda has to do with my trailer....... I bought a " trailer dolly" for my small trailer. Anyway it's a long pull T-handle connected to an axle with 2 10" wheels. There is an A frame over a straight axle with a trailer ball on top. It's for manually pulling around a small trailer and it works better than using the wheeled jack. I'm concerned with the length of the axle. Right now the wheels are 24" apart. The A frame holds the ball 12" over the axle. The A frame is connected to the axle 6" inside each wheel. I'm concerned with a little flex in the axle. I could eliminate this by cutting 6" (probably more like 5" for wheel clearance) off each side of the axle. This would put the wheel right next to the A frame and create a stronger axle. Why not? That's the question. Since manufacturers are penny pinchers and they could save a foot of raw materials in every axle why didn't they? I know if the axle is shortened the easier it will be for side to side forces to tip the dolly on it's side but the foot print (meaning center of tire tread to center of tire tread) will still be wider than any auto jack stand I've seen. This came up as I'm planning on running a piece of flat stock down the arm and an additional brace from the arm to under the ball. I thought, why not shorten the axle as well. Supposedly this trailer dolly is rated for 1500 lbs. That's got to be total trailer weight and not tongue weight Thanks for reading, hope it makes sense and you can give me some insights.
  3. Bkinzey

    Unofficial, Uninsured, Unorganized WCTTR 06

  4. Opps! May be afternoon before I get to Ocotillo Wells More crap to fix than I thought
  5. Ocotillo Wells. I'm hitting it Friday and friends will follow on Saturday. Get to O.W. Go to the graded dirt they call an airport From the Store/Restarant facing the airport and across the Hwy. Go on the right side of the mud strip, I mean air strip. There is somewhat of a road / trail to follow. It's right next to the berm sectioning off the runway. Follow it out until you can see the end of the runway (it's another berm, don't come up short landing an UltraLight! ) drift to your right and start making your way through the dunes. I'll either have a Silver Pathfinder or a rustbucket P.O.S. K5 Blazer. Red & gray w/ Military Green Driver's door to complete the hoopty look If you hit the wash, you've gone too far. It's within 1/4 mile of the runway. If you STILL can't find it stop at every camp you see and ask "Is this TEAM BAD HABITS?" If you get a cold beer thrown at you, you're there.
  6. Bkinzey

    will i need to rejet for a fmf powerbomb?

    Put it on, ride around. Go up one size and ride it around. Better? I think most have gotten a bigger improvement by playing with their jetting. The FMF site has some suggestions on jetting as well
  7. Bkinzey

    Need New Clutch Kit- EBC, DP, Barnet.

    Why not the Hinson like you said you were going to get? Don't answer that Just do a SEARCH, and decide for yourself!
  8. Bkinzey

    Removing footpeg help please

    I bought one of those bit sets. Torx, security, philips, flat and a bunch of others for about $20 - $25 Sure, they are cheap bits but I'm rarely going to be using 'em so hey. Will probably loose them before I wear 'em out
  9. Bkinzey

    coolored silicone hoses

    I'm thinking you have to contact them and ask
  10. Bkinzey

    quick opinion

    Black or Blue rims but definitely pink hubs to match the pink in the graphics. Make sure whomever does the anodizing can match the pink. If it's just a shade or two off it'll be noticeable and detract.
  11. Bkinzey

    03'WR250F db Exhaust Note

    Stock baffle sux Lots of guys are putting on YZ stock pipes. Do a search and it'll give you some good ideas.
  12. Bkinzey

    Frame Measurements

    Ouch! What year? Somebody might be able to take some measurements for you.
  13. Bkinzey

    2001 to 2003 YZ250F Frame swap?

    The slight bend below the head tube. Did it change the head angle? Cuz that's something that would decide for me on getting a frame. With the other problems it would probably be better to use a different frame.
  14. Bkinzey

    any upgrades for 01

    Read the FAQ!
  15. Bkinzey

    WR250F in action pic

    Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! Whatever it is I hope it doesn't take a crap about now!