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  1. ATAZ

    2002 yz250f motor locked up

    agreed... the spelling and grammer of a post or question should not take away from the quality of the response. It doesnt sound like a top end problem, but you have to start there anyway and work your way down to the crank and end bearings. Probably needs the case split to find the culprit. Good luck
  2. ATAZ

    Weekly GTG's (S.W Ontario)

    Last Saturday afternoon they had most of the top section groomed and jumps/landings re-faced, this week-end should be sick!
  3. ATAZ

    Weekly GTG's (S.W Ontario)

    Hey guys, I lost my kick starter at Gopher Dunes last saturday....some kid found it but gave it away to some dude, does this sound like you??? Dealer wants $240!!! 2003 YZ250F if anyone knows where to get one other than the dealer or the TT store etc.... Thanks for the help.... Thamesford this Saturday!! (the pit), let me know who is down??
  4. ATAZ

    What oil do you use in your 250F

    bel ray semi syn 10w40
  5. ATAZ

    Good Suspension Company?

    suspension...lol Are you pro? If not dont waste your money on a re-valve, just make sure your springs are set for your weight... But if you need to, factory connection has done a few good things for thier guys. just my $.02...
  6. ATAZ

    Carb problems

    Interesting. I have searched through all the possible microfiches available to me and found nothing. Only thing listed is related carburator parts, but no covers. It seems like once you loose it your screwed. Best bet would be ebay, but even still no one will want to sell you the cover on its own. Looks like the old Plastic bag and elastic trick is the way to go...lol or call your dealer for suggestions. I also didnt find any trick aftermarket cover either... Good luck Let me know how you make out...
  7. Hey YZ250F06 we had some good battles at the dunes last year.... www.bikepics.com/pictures/845763
  8. ATAZ

    valve cover bolts

    use a damn torque wrench!! if the bolts are not with-in spec it changes the clearance on the cams and caps. A certain amount of oil is supposed to be between them, guessing the torque rating will effect it greatly. Ever see what metal sheering looks like at high temperatures....trust me you dont, some small inch pound wrenches will fit in there with a small 1/4" extension.... common sense would be to use the manual, like sunruh mentioned above
  9. ATAZ

    Valvetrain questions

    OEM. Make sure you replace the cam chain with the v-t as well
  10. ATAZ

    03 YZF backfires and dies

    sounds lean, from an air leak...check exhaust head pipe and mid-pipe connections, carb boot, etc. Ive seen an rmz do the same thing and he had to put a new stator in it....good luck
  11. ATAZ

    06 frame dent/hole

    T.I.G weld it with a filler piece....
  12. ATAZ

    Best aftermarket footpegs?

    The Fast Wat evolution pegs dominate!
  13. ATAZ

    Weekly GTG's (S.W Ontario)

    ^^^ my cottage is in Torance...small world man, small world
  14. ATAZ

    Eagles Nest

    Hey all, I know its really late late late notice but me and a buddy will be there on Wednesday...come one come all.. www.eaglesnestmx.com
  15. ATAZ

    10 Bucker Rules

    the "10 bucker"...lol I love that place