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  1. Maybe the best way is to not let it die in the first place 😉 I know there is a difference between riding a bike for run with the least amount of maintenance and use it for racing, thus taking more care is ok, mandatory even.
  2. Yeah, they say once it is dead, it stay dead. I don't want to try it, though. 2,5 kg lead, 0,4 kg LiFePO4 That is some significant weight saving for almost no money difference.
  3. I switched to LiFePol last year. Weight reduction from 2,5 to 0,4 kg is significant and one of the cheepest way to redukce weight. Thought about installing battery some place else, too. Did not do that, at the end. To place it in the airbox I would have to completely get rid of it and use some external air filter and different carb jetting. I ride on asphalt only, no dirt at all, it would work, though. So, I may go that way in the future.
  4. Krejza

    FCR 39(?) from some KTM

    It's ok. First and foremost I will point you to James Bush from CA. Conemonkeys on https://m-gymkhana.com/ No other places I know of in USA, apart from police motorodeo competitions. This sport is still in its beginning regarding worldwide training and racing. It means there are national leagues at best, european championship and a few more races and meetings/training/camps. Last year russians made some significant progress. MG comes form Japan, there has established 2 main leagues over at least 40 years of riding alongside some police competiions. To start is insanely easy. Find a suitable place (parking lot, stretch of asphalt, concrete, nice pavement), buy cones or use pet bottles or even split tennis balls. There are some basic rules like different colors-directions of movement, etc. You may start your own competition in TN or most likely enjoy internet competitions first. I mentioned James Bush. He came with this idea 4 years ago. 19 days to ride a track, film it and post it on YT. It is called MGymkhana World Competition. Russians made similar one last year called Gymkhana GP. I can tell you more details. Just send me a PM or contact me on FB - Jan Zapach.
  5. Krejza

    FCR 39(?) from some KTM

    Moto Gymkhana
  6. Krejza

    My story of buyers remorse

    Ok, "only" 4 years of experience with Z, figuring out my way around it racingwise and moddingwise. 2 czech national titles, several european top ten positions, second and third in remote competitions last year. Everything with almost stock DR-Z against CBR F4s, RRs, Gixxer 750 and 1000, NSR 250 etc. Not to mention japanese guys, Z in top ten alongside 701, sxv550, WR250 and 450.
  7. Krejza

    FCR 39(?) from some KTM

    Fuel economy is negligible since it is a racing bike. It will be a nice bonus, though. BB and cams are waiting in line as next upgrades. Thanks for info.
  8. Krejza

    FCR 39(?) from some KTM

    Yeah, I know, it was a dumb question. Still, I felt like I had to ask. I know it is old. It was for fair price and after this first run it feels like it is already better that DJ jetted original Mikuni. It had light dirt on it, slight ware due to suspected offroad use. AP works fine, opens when it should, squirts for 1,5-2s. I have no money to go big bore, yet. Races, tyres and other things keep my money away from that mod which would be much better than used carb. No sponsor, so I have to finance everything by myself. This is the reason I went this way and just tried used carb.
  9. Krejza

    FCR 39(?) from some KTM

    After few years upgrading other parts of my SM, I finally get to carb replacement. Mods so far - 3x3, KN, FMF Powerbomb and FMF muffler. DJ kit in original karb works well enough, for this topic is not important, though. This carb I get my hands on is from some KTM machine, I don't know which one, not even a year. The only thing is inside diameter of 40 mm, both in and out of carb. Main jet 175 Pilot jet 48 Starter jet 85 Main Air jet 200 Pilot Air jet 100 OBDTM needle 4th clip 1 and 1/8 turn on mixture screw For some weird reason the intake manifold fits perfectly. Bellmouth in detachable and will need some minor change to fit into the airboot. Video is from second start, setting as previously stated. Spark plug was slightly dark, dark matt grey or black - too rich. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxcxfnL7eMY&feature=youtu.be What I had found so far is it should be FCR 39, similar to one that was used in E version, only this one was in some KTM. I have a few questions for you, more educated and experienced, guys. Is it really FRC 39? If not, what type is it? I know it works and I am pretty sure it can be setup to work perfectly. In my research I get to following universal setup.Main jet 150-160 (depending on high level)Pilot jet 42-48 but most common was 45Main Air jet 200Pilot Air jet 100Starter jet is not mentiodned. I guess this 85 works just fine.EMN needle 3rd clip. Already bought one, not installed yet.2 turnsIs this my starting point? I am pretty sure it is. TPS. I did not connect it yet. After I made that video i measured resistence was able to set second resince up to 80,5% instead of 78% (this number is in service manual).Will this 2,5% difference make some problem?Should I left TPS disconnected? Throttle cables from SM do not fit, I will order E version cables. Right? I wiil be glad for any input and direction you can point me into.
  10. Krejza

    FMF Racing Powerbomb Header

    Awesome sound
  11. Krejza

    FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Slip-On

    Awesome sound
  12. Krejza

    Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa

    The best tires so far for use in warm conditions. Surprisingly, they can find grip even in low temperatures around 5°C. Due to the profile of the tire the bike is easily flickable and feels confident when leaned over. Direction changes are done with ease and are fun.
  13. Krejza

    Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa

    1 review

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The most versatile hypersport tyre for road and track use. A high performance tyre on the road and perfect for on-track sessions. Profile and structure make it a reference point in the segment thanks to the excellent support ensured in inclination and rapid realignment coming out of bends. Made with the most modern EPT design technologies developed in the WSBK, and thanks to multi-compound composition with three zones at the rear capable of optimising the area of contact, ensures the maximum grip on road and racetrack. Maximum performance on the racetrack and great reactivity on the road for incredible control of the bike in all situations. A tread with an aggressive pattern in line with the Rosso style.
  14. Krejza

    Acerbis Aluminum Race Mounting Kit

    Elementary equipment for MotoGymkhana