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    Awesome sound
    Awesome sound
    The best tires so far for use in warm conditions. Surprisingly, they can find grip even in low temperatures around 5°C. Due to the profile of the tire the bike is easily flickable and feels confident when leaned over. Direction changes are done with ease and are fun.
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    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The most versatile hypersport tyre for road and track use. A high performance tyre on the road and perfect for on-track sessions. Profile and structure make it a reference point in the segment thanks to the excellent support ensured in inclination and rapid realignment coming out of bends. Made with the most modern EPT design technologies developed in the WSBK, and thanks to multi-compound composition with three zones at the rear capable of optimising the area of contact, ensures the maximum grip on road and racetrack. Maximum performance on the racetrack and great reactivity on the road for incredible control of the bike in all situations. A tread with an aggressive pattern in line with the Rosso style.
    Elementary equipment for MotoGymkhana
    Opened exhaust calls for opened air intake
    Awesome sound
    Stage 2 kit
  2. OK guys, i guess the theory behind truing motorcycle wheels is completely the same as truing bicycle wheels, am I right?
    Bought it for one purpose only - MotoGymkhana. I feel like it is gonna be the right decision. Light, agile, with enough engine power and decent brakes. Update after first year. I did a few mods and was able to get to the top 4 riders in Czech republic. Still, there are reserves both in the bike and the rider, although overall lack of engine power is beginning to be the main limit of this bike.
    Perfect street allrounder - commuting, twisties, touring, Gymkhana and even track, and lot of fun riding it.
  3. Hi, i just bought DRZ SM for special purpose which is to be competitive in MotoGymkhana. This means I'm gonna use it on asfalt only with supposedly many fall downs. I measured sag yesterday - front has 50mm, back is on 95mm. I weight 94kg at this moment, let's say 100kg with my gear on. Since this bike will be used on street only, I would prefer sag to be between 60-70mm. Would it be possible to use standart spring for that setting? Or do I need to respring it first? I have no idea in what shape the suspension is right now, nothing is leaking nor squeaking, that's plus. Still, I want the best performace the bike offers at current state, hopefully the spring will allow it. One more thing. To prevent any excessive damage during riding I am gonna make protective bars or cage on it which should transfer a bit of weight forward as well as aftermarket exhaust system should relieve the back further more. These upgrades are planned asap and it will need to be set up again after each upgrade. Jasonb85 - Thank You for this post, I really appreciate the effort You put in