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  1. I went from a YZ250 FX that was a fantastic and very fast bike to a GasGas EC300. My age and lack of ability often led to being in the wrong gear on the FX. Great machine as long as you keep it spinning. Was either a 300 2 stroke of 450 4 stroke either forgive less than ideal technique, difference the 2 strokes are lighter both riding and picking up off the ground. The 300's will drag you through anything or scare the hell out of you (if you want it to, they are very manageable). I only miss the exhaust tone of the FX :).
  2. jgl1962

    I need your help - About to buy a EC300

    Depends on where the Power Valve setting is on both bikes in question, when both are "woke" the '18 GG gives up nothing to the Beta (Nothing against Beta here).
  3. jgl1962

    EC300 2018 starter issues

    I had the same issue when mine was new. Battery seemed fully charged and the starter would whip the engine over at a speed you'd think would start it but it wouldn't fire. One kick and it's going. Put the battery back on the trickle charger over night so it was totally topped off and it starts as it should. I do not know if mine has been remapped and I only had it on a harbor freight battery maintainer I don't have a proper lithium charger. Oh, and I ignored advice to open up all the electrical connectors and dieletric grease them. Lost horn and estart this Fall. Blamed the big goofy switch. In the process of changing out the switch gear discovered a green, corroded terminal that when wiggled made the estart work. Now I have new switches AND every connector has been greased. Here is a link to the thread on GasGas rider forum. http://www.gasgasrider.org/forum/showthread.php?p=186918#post186918
  4. jgl1962

    Old guy new hobby

    As other guys have said here. Modern 300 2 strokes (and 250's) are very easy to calm down with adjustable power valves. They won't bite you unless you really want them too. As far as the 350 KTM's go or most newer FI 4 strokes, they can be kind of abrupt as far as throttle response goes which can be intimidating. A G2 throttle tamer might save you from having to switch bikes if you haven't gotten rid of that. 3 of my friends have 350's( KTM and Beta) and they are fantastic bikes,
  5. jgl1962

    Sell KTM 2T or stick with it?

    Sorry if someone else has mentioned already, but what about the less aggressive powervalve spring. Which one is in it now? I know when I moved from 250 4T to 300 2T, being able to mellow out the hit and get used to the bike for a while helped a ton. Wake it up gradually. Even fully woke up it's pretty easy now to stay out of trouble, they really don't surprise you with the hit.
  6. jgl1962

    Left Over 2018 GasGas Deals?

    You might get more response over at GasGasRider.org. Rod Overstreet at GasGas monitors the forums.
  7. +1 on the Fox Raptor. I fell hard and banged up my bottom ribs on my left side in Sept of'17. At that point I was wearing a basic Thor chest protector. At 56, I didn't want a repeat anytime soon. Research led me to the TLD soft armor shirt, coverage was kind of there but there were gaps. There is also a mental thing about not having a hard shell to protect you. Ended up with the Raptor and am very happy with it. Used it all of 2018. It is one of only a few tbat really wraps fully around you. The front and backs actually overlap on my 46" chest. Pretty comfy, maybe a little warm but not bad. Small price for tne coverage.
  8. jgl1962

    Shinko fat tires

    Yep, Just got my second 525 in 120-18 for $70 at Rocky Mountain
  9. jgl1962

    2018 + 2019 EC 250/300 Reviews---anybody?

    Mine shifts pretty smoothly to me a lot like my YZ250FX. I did miss second quite a bit for the first few hours of riding. Unless it's in my head when it starts getting notchy or missing shifts, it's time to change the tranny oil.
  10. jgl1962

    18 XC250-Tire choices, other stuff

    I have settled on the 525 on my 300. New one is in the garage to go on for the spring. 55 hrs on tne first one. I ran the shinko 216 fatty for most of the year. Ordered the skinnier version of the same tire by mistake. I put it on anyway and I think I like it better. Handling is a bit sharper is the best way to put it. I run Amsoil dominator at 50:1 with 90 nonethanol no issues but I'm slow. You will love the bike.
  11. jgl1962

    250FX elecronics guard neccessary?

    Late to the discussion, but 80 hrs on my 2015 or 2 seasons and that area really never caught a lot crap. Considering I expected issues, there were none even though it sure looks like a problem. My $.02
  12. jgl1962

    New boots: gaerne vs Fox

    Another vote for Gaerne. I needed to upgrade from my O'nealls bought Gaerne G3 Reacts 2 years ago. Love them. If they ever wear our I might go for SG10 or 12's. Paid $199 on closeout at Revzilla. They only have a hinge on the inside of each boot is the main difference. Lots of good boots out there. I too nailed a stump with these at speed. Bruised not broken toes.
  13. jgl1962

    GasGas or Beta

    Landy, Yes premix. Only issue is that the multi funtion switch that holds the lights estart and horn crapped out a coup,e of weeks ago. Looking for an alternative. I learned the value of a back up kicker which tne gg has. Aside from that 60 hrs with no other issues. +1 on considering the Ranger. They weren't out when I got the EC. KYB too (I believe) would probably put it ahead of the Xtrainer though the Xtrainer is oil injected which I wouldn't be afraid of.
  14. jgl1962

    GasGas or Beta

    Landy, The EC300 was my intro to 2 strokes. The adjustable power valve let me kind of sneak up on a real 300 with out getting bit. Had it set pretty mellow and backed it out ( more power) gradually over this last season til it's pretty much all I want. It is a very easy bike to ride and it's easy to stay away from the hit. No whiskey throttle worries. I was going for an Xtrainer when I saw these and the KYB suspension. Both are great bikes though.
  15. jgl1962

    2018 + 2019 EC 250/300 Reviews---anybody?

    I got my 18 EC300 in April precisely for the reasons you suggest. 300 2T with KYB suspension, if Yamaha made an estart 2T I would have looked no farther. I am a 225 lb 56 yo C rider, HS and Enduro on the NY PA border. I came from 2 seasons on a 15 YZ250FX which was also a great bike. I wanted something I could ride lazy and or tired that didn't care so much what gear it was in and didn't weigh as much as the obvious 450 answer. They come jetted rich I ended up dropping pilot and main one size. I have 60 hrs and 500 or so miles on it. It is exactly what I hoped for, manageble power (lots of it), great suspension, handles like nothing else I've ridden. The adjustable power valve helped me gradually get used to the power. I had it pretty mellow and just gave the pv a 1/4 turn as I got comfortable. Stock tires on EC are hard Metzler dual sport, I have had Shinkos on all year and like them. My only issue was self inflicted by having the dealer "spring it for my weight and ability". I fought the stiff front suspension for a long time. Finally pulled the fork springs ( the rear was perfect with what he did), the fork springs were heavy enough for a 500 lb AA rider 😁. I put the stock springs back in, the bike is perfect for me. It eats the small stuff, handles the big stuff, goes exactly where you point it and is a 300 😀. Broken stuff, the EC has a big multi function switch that holds lights estart horn and even directionals, that just recenently took out the lights and estart 😨(backup kicker works fine) .There is a LOT going on in that switch. Now the XC's just have an estart button and a kill switch. I am going to try to eliminate that switch this winter. My bike had the updated battery wiring when I got it, estart works great except for the switch. I intend to have this one along time (unless there's a Yamaha YZ300X in the works 😁).