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  1. Pmv17

    Looking new places and new people to ride with

    Outback ATV park isn’t that far from you
  2. Pmv17

    Crf 250x cam caps

    I skipped through some of these comments but I’m just going to throw my experience out there for you. I have a 2015 250x, doing a valve adjustment like many times before, think I had a shotty torque wrench long story short I snapped the left cam cap in half and freaked out thinking I was going to have to get a new head and blah blah blah. Did some reading and also went on my gut that I could just use a different cap. In my mind these engines are probably mass produced on an assembly line and parts are made by likely the same machines with damn near the same specs... found a left cam cap off like an 06 250r on eBay for maybe $20. Adjust valves, torque to spec with a different torque wrench this time. Bike running great ever since, adjusted valves several times since this no issues. Don’t be scared of getting a new cap, bar the engine over with the valve cover off make sure it doesn’t bind up then go ride
  3. Hey guys once or twice a year some buddies and I will make a 3 day 2 night type riding trip and I’m looking to hear everyone’s opinions on some of these places. We are thinking about windrock park. None of us have been and might be interested in going to check it out. Our other options at this time are Hatfield McCoy trails which we rode some last year, or Durhamtown which a smaller group of us checked out the previous year. Hatfield or Durhamtown are definitely worth going back to but regardless I’m looking to get everyone’s opinions on all 3 places or if anyone has any other suggestions on places within 6ish hours from central NC. Also there is only 3 of us on bikes the rest are on quads or sxs so we prefer places that are friendly to all types of machines. One thing we liked about Durhamtown was that we could hit up some single track without being too far away from meeting with the rest of our group that may have to take an alternate route around the single track. Also I enjoyed that they had a few options to choose from as far as moto/trails though we mostly stick to the trails.
  4. I’ve had someone stand on the sideline with a fresh pair before, it’s nice in the summer time also when they are drenched with sweat. It’s refreshing and is like an energy boost
  5. Pmv17


    Anything and everything there. One of the best riding trips I’ve made and I can’t wait to go back
  6. Pmv17

    Places to ride in North Carolina?

    That’s insane. I hope they don’t plan on staying in business, 25 was too much to begin with. That place blows if you ask me
  7. Pmv17

    Something got too hot. 2015 CRF250R

    Isn’t a 1 displayed to the left on a meter like that technically out of limits? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong that just seems to be what I remember I’m so used to an auto range meter now. Anyhow, I think I would try again on the 200 ohm scale?
  8. 29.99 stand from harbor freight, put some stickers on it that come in various part packages and it looks fly and is fine for everything I need to do, can take the whole front end off the bike and still not worry about it falling off. I have also used those cheap pump up lift stands and they are honestly more of a pain then it is to just lift the bike once and be done with it
  9. Pmv17

    Places to ride in North Carolina?

    Plus you cannot ride to the trail head from a lot of the camping areas
  10. Pmv17

    Places to ride in North Carolina?

    Uhwarrie natl Forrest has trails and a lake. Lots of hiking trails and different camping areas, riding isn’t really the greatest. Rocky, no single track again. Lots of keeps and it all 2 way trails so watch out. Also you can run out of trail in a few hours depending how quick you ride
  11. Pmv17

    Places to ride in North Carolina?

    Buscoe beach has kind of what you are looking for as far as the camping. Riding on bikes there kinda sucks imo. Lots of mud and it’s deep. Alright if that’s what your into maybe on a sxs. No single track there either
  12. Pmv17

    Steering head bearings shot??

    Kind of let this die my bad everybody. Thanks for all the feedback, I went and rode a bit and they cleaned up and I couldn’t even feel the spots in the bearings anymore when moving the bars when up on the stand. I’m still going to just take it apart and clean and inspect and see how it acts
  13. Pmv17

    Hernia recovery

    Well I guess the timing is ok then considering I will probably winterize the bike soon anyhow. Sucks to think it could be a month or more before I’m really feeling up to doing a whole hell of a lot. Maybe I can use the downtime to give the bike some love and be ready for ripping again in the spring. Thanks for the feedback everyone
  14. Pmv17

    Hernia recovery

    Sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office as i type this post. To make a long story short I think I have a hernia and am getting it checked out. If indeed it is a hernia and i have surgery for it. How long before I can ride again?
  15. Pmv17

    hard to start while in gear

    My service manual for my 250x says run the same oil in both cases that’s what I’ve been doing since I bought it. Maybe I should switch to ATF? Mine is hard to start in gear as well, I just don’t start in gear