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  1. Out exploring in the Bayou.
  2. Does the Endurance II directly swap out with the Voyager?
  3. I found this same video the other day. Very good explanation for the FCR. Makes my Lectron look so simple in comparison.
  4. My 2015 500RS got an upgrade. Initial impressions are great!
  5. Can anyone with wiring know-how take a look at my thread on ADVrider. Still havent figured out why my new wiring/switches arent working. Wiring Thread
  6. Mainly to clean up the bars. I'm using G2 handguards. Just ended up cutting down the key. Works fine.
  7. Tried out a set of Emperor Racing mounts. Little did I know that it blocked access for the key. Anybody install a toggle switch in place or eliminate the key switch?
  8. Got stationed at Barksdale AFB, LA.
  9. Getting crated up to make the long journey.
  10. Anybody know what gas caps will swap over on the stock tank? Looking for a billet one with a better gasket.
  11. 2015 500RS here with nearly 400 hours/9000 miles and no issues. Still runs strong. I do about 80% street and 20% trails.
  12. Oahu. 2015 Beta 500RS
  13. Apparently certain KTM wheels will swap over with minimal work which would make things a lot easier. I'm debating converting mine but I've got some Shinko 705s on it now and it is a blast on the street. I'd personally go with a 5 inch rear for more tire choices. The wheelset on BetaUSA is good quality. Dubya makes great wheels. I got a quote from Woody Wheel Works awhile back for around $1900 for basically a bottom to top badass set of wheels.
  14. Steel gears on my RS!