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  1. pessica

    The KTM 200 Club

    Ok wow. I bought this bike about six months ago, it had around 20 hours on the clock. The guy said he had just done the top end on it. Look at this piston and power valve.. 😫
  2. pessica

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    Just a little kiss from Kennedy Meadows. Haha, but I'm too picky, I can't stand it.
  3. pessica

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    Oh man, I didn't even look at that. I ordered the new pipe and it should be here today, I'll check that out.
  4. pessica

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    Carnage on my brand new pipe 👎😭. Not from Jackass Creek or Peak, not Mahogany or Rattlesnake, not Beach or Albanita... but on the Fish/Troy connector. 🤣🤣🤣 I had an 'Enduro Kex' moment (if you know who that is). Yes I know that guard isn't for protecting dents but I've never had an issue all these years with denting my pipes.
  5. pessica

    Divide Peak?

    There are a couple of options but it is not a loop. You can go to the mx track and back or you can go to "the end" and back. Or both. There are some off shoots here and there but it's mainly a rocky fire road. Does get pretty technical in some sections, in my opinion anyway. Amazing views if you get there on a clear day. Worth checking out for sure.
  6. pessica

    Thanks to The Wolf

    Ah, the elusive Donkey people and Donkey rides.. always wondered what this meant.
  7. pessica

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    Yes it was the creek bed with the step ups. So that used to be the actual trail? I always thought it was weird that Long Dave turns into a fire road, why not just end it there and call it done? I will say, having gone through all that made me a much better rider as far as rocks are concerned.
  8. pessica

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    Well we went back to the general area, did the other side of Yellowjacket and checked out Half Moon. The single track part of Yellowjacket was cool, but the rest was whoops galore. Here's a snippet.
  9. pessica

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    Yeah, I figured as much. But the timing lined up so I thought mayyyybe.
  10. pessica

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    I remember, at the end of the day my bike was idling super high, seemed like out of nowhere. Would this missing bolt & tube cause that?
  11. pessica

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    See it? Apparently this happened during the death ride. How?!? I may or may not have dumped it a couple times out there but IF I did, it was never on that side. How does something unthread itself and disappear? Odd. Damn canyon ate my bike alive too!
  12. pessica

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    We were almost the Gorman 2!! Kidding not kidding.
  13. pessica

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    Hey, ya we saw you guys too. Danny wasn't sure if it was you or not but I know that green & red flash when I see it! 😅 So you staged right there? I'm glad we made it out ok too. There were moments when we weren't sure we would. As of this weekend we now own a Garmin Oregon GPS that we need to figure out how to use, as well as a couple of "Life Straws"... I'm telling ya we were a little traumatized. 😬
  14. pessica

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    https://www.fs.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsinternet/cs/recarea?ss=110513&navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&cid=FSE_003738&navid=110240000000000&pnavid=110000000000000&recid=79614&actid=51&ttype=recarea&pname=Rincon Trail
  15. pessica

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    We have thought about desert racing and I looked into it a little, but never went anywhere with it. Still something we might want to try some day. Well maybe somewhere like the kennels would be good for the four of us, that way she could take it easy if needed.