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  1. dconklin5421

    Need help with a 1993 YZ250

    I have a 1989 YZ250WR witha carb for a 2003 KX. My 89 carb would not dial in so I just switched to a newer carb. I started with the jets that came in my new carb to get the bike running and then started making changes so that it ran right. I also used spanky jetting guide. it helped alot. http://users.conwaycorp.net/virtus/page2/speed/jetting.htm
  2. dconklin5421

    Michigan trail websites

    After playing with the map some more, you can open up a PDF map from the interactive map. The PDF map does have all the parking lots showing on them.
  3. dconklin5421

    Michigan trail websites

    FYI after taking a quick look at the map, not all of the DNR parking locations are showing up on this map.
  4. dconklin5421

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Evart Cycle Trail closed for cleanup of debris The Evart Cycle Trail in the Northern Lower Peninsula has been closed temporarily due to storm damage. It is unknown when the trail will re-open. (Updated 9/4/18) https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-350-79137_79770_79781---,00.html
  5. dconklin5421

    My WR250Z Story

    I had the same problem on my bike. Mine was Aluminum. I just took it to a local guy who welded an aluminum goober on the stopper and then I filed it to the correct shape and distance so that the valve did not tip into the cylinder wall.
  6. dconklin5421

    Show off your yz250x (250x only please)

    I have one of the 89 savior's as well. Yeah I know I changed the color to red but it is still a YZ250WR as well. Nice looking bike Animatrix
  7. dconklin5421

    My WR250Z Story

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm this statement? I have a 1989 yz250wr, and have been worried about a crank going bad and having a hard time replacing it. TIA Dustin
  8. dconklin5421

    My WR250Z Story

    I agree with Brick on this. I am running a PWK off of a 2002 KX on my 1989 yz250wr. I can't remember what I paid but it was much cheaper than new.
  9. dconklin5421

    2017 yz 250 constantly fouling plugs. pilot jet?

    I have also followed this guide when jetting a 2 stroke. works great. Spanky's jetting Guide http://users.conwaycorp.net/virtus/page2/speed/jetting.htm
  10. dconklin5421

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    I agree with doc_d. Ride B loop. I rode it last year and was a ton of fun. Also if you get a chance ride the section between A loop and B loop. It is pretty short run but it is fun. It is called the rollercoaster, if you look on Youtube you can see the section I am talking about.
  11. dconklin5421

    Spark Arrestor 89 YZ250WR??

    What type of brake guards do you have? I would like to get a set for mine. wow looking at your bike makes me think i should have went with the blue color, But I liked the red better when I bought the seat cover. I know the original color was blue and now I am wishing I would have went that way.
  12. dconklin5421

    Spark Arrestor 89 YZ250WR??

    Here are some pics of the bike. Just got the stickers on it, only took me 3 years. Now just if my tank was not that gas faded tank.
  13. dconklin5421

    Stripping a 2002 yz250

    I stripped my bike down a few years ago, and like others have said, label everything and stay organized. Also looking into powder coating in stead of painting, I did that and I really am happy with it. One little trick I used before I sent it off to the painter was to put foam ear plugs into the threaded frame holes, to keep the threads clean.
  14. dconklin5421

    Spark Arrestor 89 YZ250WR??

    I have this same bike and have a spark arrestor on it. I can not remember what brand and model I have but I will look when I get home tonight and post my answer
  15. dconklin5421

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    I will be riding Bull Gap this weekend with some family on quads. Has anyone been on the trail this year and know the condition of it? TIA Dustin