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  1. husky450rider

    Jawbone Rick?

    I dont post here much, but MISS KITTY...thinking about the picture behind the bar...
  2. Spoke to George today and I think the plan is to get on the road by 10 or so and head for the border. Just checking if there are any guys coming down from the LA/OC area. Maybe carpool or caravan down south...
  3. I'm coming down from the 626. Where are you guys coming from ?
  4. husky450rider

    Interior Trailer Paneling

    Great response guys, I actually used some paneling I had purchased from Lowe's that was very light and almost cardboard like. Unfortunetly I got a lot of sagging from the ceiling. So now I need something that is more like luan/wood product that can hold up.
  5. Can anyone recommend a good paneling to use in the interior of a box trailer. I'm finally getting around to installing insulation, but I can find a place that sells the type used in toyhaulers. Also I'm in the LA/San Bernardino area.
  6. First off is there a sticky on this? A few comments and some questions. I went over to the CA DMV to appy for this Class A, non commercial DL. Passed the written test and now I had to schedule a drivers test with my trailer. Is this normal or are they going over board? Next question, does the trailer I take my driving test have to be over 10,000# (TT) since that's the whole reason for seeking this particular class of DL. Asking for some help. thanks
  7. Just throwing this out there.. If you were to build a Polaris or Yamaha Side by side alternative what would you use as a motor and tranny option other than what they offer..I wouldnt mind doing a tube frame up build/ long travel.. I like the idea and look of what is Factory, but i hate paying 10 grand then another 10 to go fast safely...any ideas?
  8. husky450rider

    Ford Box Vans

    Steny, George over @ UPTITE has a Ford box van. Give him a call im sure he would be willing to give you the 411 on it. Gary,
  9. husky450rider

    Like the Husky, Hate the Dealer

    Just my 2cents... I purchased a TC 450 back in 04 and it came with a S/A and a TI, in o6 I purchased TC 250 and it came with the 2 as well. .... Two weeks a ago I was at UPTITE and helped George un pack an 07 TC 450 and it came with the TI installed on the bike and a S/A packed in plastic in the original plywood shipping box. In my opinion if there (the other dealer) is giving you BS on the S/A pipe its just that BS... There out to short you something that is rightfully yours when you purchase the bike, you just dont know it. By the way UPTITE is my dealer of choice.Gary,
  10. Two TE-450's , my TC-250 and a TE-450 trailering backhome Sunday afternoon. What does it all mean? More Husky's than I've seen outside a dealership since 04'.. This is good and its getting better...
  11. husky450rider

    V-nose trailer

    Its looks like you did a lot of research on the trailer builders... I owned an 8 x 18 Dico trailer (slant nose) for over 12 years and it towed great. Even loaded with 2 quads, a couple of bikes and gear for the weekend it was never a hassle to tow. Something you may want to know is I always had big vehicles (suburban 1/2 ton, F-250 3/4 ton) to pull it with.. So in my opinion the vehicle towing the trailer makes a huge differance as well. In response to your V- nose trailer question: I purchased a 27 footer from sports haulers in SFS springs and I am fairly happy with the way it tracks and weight balance. Its a triple axle(5200#) per axle trailer and the V-nose design does offer extra room in front that works perfect as a small bedroom. If you search Santek trailers site you will get a good idea of what the inside of a V-nose looks like..Gary
  12. husky450rider

    Trailer Storage Costs

    Thanks for the info guys...I'm moving up to a 27footer and in need of a place to store it. I called around and it looks like the going rate is about 100 a month.I may have to deal with hours of operation drop off etc..but 24hr security is a must..
  13. Looking to get some feed back on storage costs. I am looking for something in the SGV and as far east as the 15 frwy and 10. What I have is a 28 foot enclosed Hauler.Thanks
  14. husky450rider

    Enclosed trailer flooring

    Check out RB COMPONENTS in Garden Grove CALI.. Rubberized roll out flooring.Alot cheaper than 200.00 bucks a sheet for aluminum..and not slippery when wet.