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  1. Every time I install the starter, I mess up the O ring and get an oil leak. Any ideas, tips, or tricks on how to avoid this?
  2. Hello, I currently have iOS 13 on my iPhone and the ThumperTalk notifications badge bleeds, as you can see in the screen shot. The issue only happens with your application.
  3. Short people problems. I want to preface this with the fact that I have zero experience in your terrain. However, from what I understand, the Freeride has a very short fuel range. I don’t know how long your rides are, so I’m not sure if that’s a concern for you or not. Past that, pick whatever bike fits your type of terrain best (From what I’ve read in posts with similar terrain, bikes like the 150/200/250/300 XC do the best) and then budget $500-$1000 to have the suspension lowered, and set up for your weight professionally. I would also either shave a seat yourself, or have a custom seat shaved for you. I did, and it cost me about $200. With the amount of height it sounds like you’d need to lose, I personally wouldn’t suggest lowering links. The money for the suspension being dialed in by a professional is 100% worth it. I took my bike apart and sent my suspension to Durrelle Racing in CO. I always use him, I think he does great work and my bike handles like a dream - for the terrain that I ride in. Once you zero in on a bike, I would call around to different suspension shops, tell them what you are looking for, and see what they say. The only bike I can think of that would be your unicorn would maybe be an Xtrainer, but likely out of your budget.
  4. It’s normal for it not to roll if the clutch isn’t engaged and it’s in gear other than neutral.
  5. Read https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1260665-read-before-you-post-asking-about-what-motorcycle-you-should-buy/ and edit your post, then maybe you’ll get some meaningful answers.
  6. You could ride with no seat and I still don’t think you’d be able to touch the ground. Either buy a bike more suitable to your ergonomics, like a KX100, or have some modifications done such as a short seat and lowered suspension ($700), or learn to deal with it. If you’re riding motocross, not being able to touch the ground won’t matter. Just get starting blocks.
  7. No, you won’t be able to touch the ground. You probably won’t even be close.
  8. Nebraska has nothing worth traveling for. It’s all private farm land. Very hard to find somewhere to ride, unless you want to ride MX. I end up riding a lot of gravel, and back country farm roads.
  9. Shoni

    Yamaha ttr125

    You’re right. It would probably be a good buy for you, emphasis on the you. Like I said though, I wish the best for him and I hope it lives up to his expectations. Hate seeing people get discouraged from the sport because they buy the wrong bike over and over again.
  10. If you’re riding motocross, get the CR125. Touching the ground really isn’t important in motocross. If you’re riding trails, get a KX100 or a KDX200(pretty sure that they are relatively short).
  11. I’m 5’4 and could probably tip toe on a CRF230F.(have never gotten on one) I can’t even flat foot a CRF150F(used to have one). Depending on your weight and the springs, you may or may not be able to flat foot a CRF230F. However, there are Honda shops everywhere. Go sit on one, then you’ll know for sure.
  12. Shoni

    Yamaha ttr125

    A ton of people told you not to buy this in “What motorcycle should I buy?”, surprise surprise you bought it anyways. Don’t dump anymore money into this. You’re not mechanically inclined (as you couldn’t even tell if it was a 4-stroke or a 2-stroke in your original post) so you’re going to waste even more money having to learn from your mistakes. The only way this would be worth it, is if this was a passion project. If you are passionate about junked mini-bikes, ignore the above. Good luck with whatever you choose but I’d cut my losses at $50.
  13. It sounds like you’re paying the dude $150 to clean up his trash.
  14. That CR250 is too big for you both ergonomically and speed wise. Your experience on the Polaris pretty much means nothing, and that CR250 is probably 5x as fast as your Polaris. Sell your mountain bike, get some cash, and buy something else. I don’t ride dunes so I can’t offer any advice on that.
  15. They’re asking too much. Everyone thinks that their shit is plated with gold. I use searchtempest to look at whatever radius I’m okay with driving from my zip code. Lots of good deals in more rural areas.
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