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  1. Folks I have the BRP with Scotts Damper & original odometer.. I want to put a speedo on for mileage / and speeds whilst D/Sportin'. The Scotts Damper is using the oil filler plug (and that has to be changed in my mind). I want a back lit Speedo which will use the stock speedo cable & I want at the same time to reverse the Scotts Damper so I can check oil easier than getting an allen key every time I want to check the oil. I am sure that I am not the first BRP owner to come across this problem but surely someone should have figured this out real good by now.. Please let me know your thoughts.. Photos are always helpful Thanks in advance John Mc
  2. Hello Fellow Thumpers Does anyone know if the front and rear wheels of an XR650L will fit directly on an XR650R bike?? If this item has been covered before in the archives I am sorry for a repost being as I am a newbie... John McCarthy
  3. Hi I need to get a an off road jacket & body armor to get to the point of riding my BRP 02 Honda. I got to speaking to one of the sales reps at www.motoport.com about one of their jackets costing about $ 250.00 or so.. Then he tells me if I go with the latest & greatest it will come with full body armor inside the jacket, elbow pads, shoulder, chest & back pads too.. He promised that, that would be all I would need in terms of body armor, & that I should save my money and get the top of the line kevlar jacket ($400+) from him.. Is this a sales man's pitch & / or should I just go with a more regular (cheaper) jacket from them and get a separate set of body armor?? I am going to be riding in SoCal & environs Your thoughts (as I am a newbie) are graciously received.. John Mc
  4. Mccartjt

    Exhaust question....

    BRP 27 Does using the HRC tip give you lower noise than the typical White Bros E series Exhaust.. I have a noisey one in CA and I don't want to get a noise ticket in Gorman..
  5. Mccartjt

    BRP Pipe Advice Needed

    On the FMF "Q" pipe I met a LAPD cop riding an 02 BRP and he was dual sporting it.. Sounded legal (& it needed to be) it was his commuter for work during the week. Sounded sweet.. He also told me that he'd bought two packing kits and as yet to repack the exhaust pipe. Its been on the and off road for ages by now. John Mc
  6. Mccartjt

    BRP Pipe Advice Needed

    I have the an '02 BRP with WB "E" not sure how many discs & its very loud.. Where can I get the insert and I am running stock headers. What do I need to run to not get a ticket from the Forest Rangers?? Any ideas.. I was toying with going back to the stock exhaust with 18317-MBN-640 HRC Exhaust insert... Is that a bad idea?? Thanks for any input... John Mc