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  1. Ron_Meidlinger

    Gordon mods help!!!!!

    With the 96 exhaust tip I would use the jetting for a 96.Sounds like you are a little lean.
  2. Ron_Meidlinger

    Gal with a xr400r

    when you rebuild the card replace the float- in time the float absorbs gas gets heavy and the the bowl overfills with gas Also it really helps to turn up the idle when cold to get the beast started
  3. Ron_Meidlinger


    Creeky lost your email adress -send me a message Thx
  4. Ron_Meidlinger

    Tips for selling 1998 XR250R?

    Make it look good and take good pictures
  5. Ron_Meidlinger

    03 XR 250 Question

    normally taking out the snorkel requires increasing to the next jet size. I would go to a Uni- the stock filters have a restrictive screen and they tend to fall apart where the base is glued to the foam. With stock exhaust a Uni and no snorkel 1 jet size is probably ok. jetting is trial and error. I would also back out the mixture screw 1/4 turn.
  6. Ron_Meidlinger

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    due to a couple of bad discs dirt days are over so I cleaned the 98 XR 400 and got it ready to sell. Hate to do it but my doctor said when I told him my goal was to ride into my 80's -he said the goal is to be able to walk when I am 80. Looks awesome 98 XR with maybe 3500 miles Renthals Gordon Mods Uni airfilter Front and rear 95% Skid plate Frame guards Deveol link Fresh tune
  7. Ron_Meidlinger

    XR400 oil pump issue?

    I got tired of never really being sure how much oil I had in the system-using the book method I changed oil and filter and add the amount of oil stated in manual. Started bike and idled for 5 minutes while holding bike up right. Stopped engine and checked oil per manual. Oil was barely into the low mark. Scribed a line where the oil showed on dip stick. That is full when idled for 5 minutes. Checked oil after a short ride-Oil was at the full mark. One thing to keep in mind the 5 minute oil line changes slightly with outside temperature and oil viscosity. Quit worrying about oil level long time ago.
  8. Ron_Meidlinger

    Riding Days Are Over

  9. Ron_Meidlinger

    Sticky floats

    My first XR250 was always running rich and at times acted like a stuck float. I bought a new float because I could not figure out what was wrong and no shop could either. I put the new float and the old float in a pan of water- the new float floated higher. The old float was gas logged. End of problems. I rebuilt a carb on a small block chevy for a customer and it acted like the float was sticking. I took the carb apart and rechecked everything- couldn't find any problems. aweek later the car was back. I took the carb apart and manuualyy cycled the float for 20 minutes. Eventually the float stuck open. The little wire that held the needle valve to the float was not bent correctly and would catch on the top of the carb body. You may need to do the same thing to figure out if the float is really sticking.
  10. Ron_Meidlinger

    Riding Days Are Over

    Nick that's me - just a cane instaed of a wheel chair- what did you do to recover? My main concern is an inward extruded disc which has reduce the spinal cord cavity from 10mm to 3mm. One of the issues I am up against is that I am 63 and my entire family is against me riding because I am the do everything guy for my kids and wife's relatives. The acute sciatica was caused a month ago by overexertion while helping my son put in a back lawn. Your comments are encouraging. Thanks, Ron
  11. Ron_Meidlinger

    Riding Days Are Over

    Riding days are over-2 really bad discs- no such thing as a complete recovery I will check in from time to time to offer any help I can. Not being able to ride is like loosing an old friend
  12. I think I have one from a bike that got sold- I will check
  13. Ron_Meidlinger

    XR250R: Please tell me about the hole punched in this fork

    had a the adjusting nut come off my 86 xr250 Remove the top frame mount decompressor cable and take out all of the small bolts REUSE the gasket - clean it and apply a very thin layer or RTV to both sides Put back togethr DO NOT USE A TORQUE WRENCH ON THE LONG BOLTS-just tighten up easily with a box end wrench I found the nut laying in the oil dam for the cam- I probably could have got the nut out with a coat hanger of small mechanics magnet through the adjusted holes
  14. Ron_Meidlinger

    Removing very sun/age-hardened glue from tank decals?

    try heating glue residue with a hair dryer and scrapping carefully with a single edge razor blade
  15. Ron_Meidlinger

    OLD Guy needs Lighter Bike

    thanks CC-Rider and Larraby 400