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  1. Felt like more compression.. I think I need to kick a new bike to recalibrate. I sent a piston and rings with them. I didn't clean it when I got it back, just rubbed some premix on the cylinder wall and rings and put it back together. Ring gap was in spec. I'm thinking I might try to exchange the gauge for a new one or get a free loaner from an auto parts store.
  2. I only have one, with the trap valve by the gauge. But I'm concerned just cause it's lower than before a new top end, just speaking in relative terms. Reeds looked good, no light coming through.
  3. I blew my top end, which was obvious from the 110psi and inability to run. I then head my cylinder replated by millenium and had them do a powervalve service as well. I've put three heat cycles on it and have ridden it around, it rides well, but has trouble idling (I also have a Lectron and Rekluse Z-Start Pro). I went to check the compression again just to get a baseline and am only getting 90psi!? Kicking with the throttle wide open. Any ideas on what I should check? I'm thinking first thing to check would be the compression tester..
  4. vinnard

    Replate or not?

    I'm rebuilding the top end on my 2002 YZ250, and there are some minor markings in the plating. Nothing you can feel with you finger, though. Is it worth re-plating or just put in a new piston and ride?
  5. vinnard

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    One tree down on the lower half of Alder Ridge. Not too hard to get over, but it is at an angle.
  6. vinnard

    Central Oregon Snow-Free Areas to Ride

    Any idea if those trails are still snowed in? I assume so.
  7. vinnard

    Central Oregon Snow-Free Areas to Ride

    Kind of off topic, but I'm leaving Friday May 4th to ride East Fort Rock for the weekend, Monday, and Tuesday. After that I'd like to go spend a few nights camping somewhere off Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway and do some hiking. Any recommendations for places to camp? Is it ok to camp at Sno Parks? I'll be in my truck camper.
  8. vinnard

    Golden Spike Harescramble Help

    Laps weren't very long, I don't remember exactly but definitely the under 15mi. That tank is definitely big enough and the course is easier. There are some fun pavement sections at the golden spike. Race short course and it'll be beginner friendly.
  9. vinnard

    Central Oregon Snow-Free Areas to Ride

    Is Cline Buttes snow free all winter? I'm trying to find somewhere to go riding mid January, early February. I've ridden East Fort Rock a few times and want to mix it up with something more technical.
  10. Swapped on a 2010 yz450f swingarm with a Devol Transformer Pullrod. Currently set at 143.5mm. The rear feels like it sits a little lower but I'm gonna ride it before I mess with the pullrod settings. Still need to bleed the rear brake, adjust chain, and torque the axle nut.
  11. vinnard

    Suspension Work - Everett (or north)

    I had Pinnacle revalve my suspension on my yz250. Quick turnaround, very friendly guy. I'm happy with it. But I've never had suspension setup by anyone before so I have nothing to compare it to.
  12. 40% off at Devol Racing 25% off at Pro Circuit 20% off at Warp9
  13. vinnard

    Where to Ride in E. WA this weekend ?

  14. vinnard

    DMV screwing us again???

    Just went to report a sale on the dol website and saw there is now an $8.75 fee!! What the hell?! Is it even worth reporting the sale of a dirt bike?
  15. vinnard

    Who is racing Rimrock this Sunday?

    That was a freakin fun race!