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  1. 750 is scraping the bottom of the barrel. not realistic unless u get one from a buddy for dirt cheap
  2. Motoriderx

    2015 WR250R or 2018 WR250R

    used one is fine
  3. Motoriderx

    YZ125, CRF250R or YZ250?

    yz125 or yz250f
  4. Motoriderx

    New rider looking for first bike

    par for the course
  5. Motoriderx

    New rider looking for first bike

    assume all mx bikes are red?
  6. Motoriderx

    CRF450L First impression....ehh

    for someone who'd end up just replacing the stocker anyway it's worth a try, right?
  7. Motoriderx

    What bike should I buy?

    get a new/near new yz250f and it'll be better just about every way bc its a much more updated modern bike. if u race mx it might be worth it. if u ride for fun prob not
  8. Motoriderx

    What bike should I buy?

    well, why dont u like your CR?
  9. Motoriderx

    CRF450L First impression....ehh

    it's drilling a bunch of holes in the stock exhaust. i wouldn't do it. it'll make it louder
  10. Motoriderx

    WR250R oil change interval?

    2nd thought maybe ur filter cover was not seated evenly and just popped into place. u gotta torque the shit out of those to kill the threads. lot more than 7ft/lbs
  11. Motoriderx

    Reducing the noise of the stock muffler and airbox?

    its just the end cap. they aren't very loud
  12. Motoriderx

    CRF450L Engine Oil?

    why do u guys think its a good idea to run a 20w50 oil? i'm curious the reasoning behind it....
  13. Motoriderx

    Trying to buy 05, needing a head, good,or bad move?

    sounds like a nightmare
  14. Motoriderx

    Should I keep my WR250F