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  1. Ross Buckingham

    engine coolant ?

    Honda pre-mix coolant is hard to beat and pretty cheap...it's all I use
  2. Ross Buckingham

    Installed Clarke 3.9, Bike won't go

    Did you wash out the tank first? All plastic tanks are very dirty inside from the maunufacturer. There is a fuel filter screen on the petcock so IMHO the additional fuel filter is not necessary. Sounds like it is starving for fuel...check all that...flush the tank and look at the petcock filter. Good luck
  3. Ross Buckingham

    Need to find oil drain plug gasket

    www.azmotorsports.com Lay in a supply...they are $0.40 USD each if I remember correctly. I usually change the crush washer every 3 oil changes or so...Good luck
  4. Ross Buckingham

    fusion paint on gas tank

    I think you would be disappointed with it on a tank. I have used it with fair success on the headlight shroud but end up re-painting annually. Good luck
  5. Ross Buckingham

    DRZ goes booooom !!!!!

    The shop did the work, right? And they put in new valves and didn't check the cam timing?! How the hell can they say this was your fault when they did the work unless you installed the head? If you installed the head checked cam timing and valve clearance then you probably got a problem...I'd burn Kibblewhite's email, phone and snail mail with everything I could throw at 'em...I was thinking of putting those valves in, too...Very glad I didn't. Sorry for your wreck and what MutualBill said...
  6. Ross Buckingham

    Battery Tender Recommendation

    Battery Tender, Jr. is what I use and like...Try the TT Store or wwwazmotorsports.com for the best pricing.
  7. Ross Buckingham

    CALIFORNIA goes nuts

    Yeah, we won't be worrying about the weight of the DRZ...cause it will be all battery. An electric powered off-road marvel...a mountain bicycle with good knobs makes that much noise in the hard pack Next thing is...you're breathing too hard and disturbing the neighbors I'm glad I live where I do
  8. Ross Buckingham

    CALIFORNIA goes nuts

    Flash! CA hasn't gone nuts...they have been nuts for a long time! I guess if I owned property and had someone tell me how I was gonna use it...not abuse it or annoy my neighbors...then they could pay the taxes on the SOB. Trouble is they are trying to bring that communist mentality to wherever they move 'cause CA is so up. Especially the one's with a little money. Buying property up here and then locking the gates to public lands, no access to public lands that we've used but not abused for decades. If they think whatever it is that you do is causing you to have fun then they against it...whether that be off road riding, responsibly, hunting, fishing, camping...you name it Other than a national immigration policy aimed at keeping out neighbors to the south we need one to keep the Californian's in CA! No disrespect to TT members from CA...you people are different.
  9. Ross Buckingham

    I,m I hurting my DRZ400s

    No, you're not hurting your bike but it would run much better if you did the simple 3x3 and use the Dyno-Jet or Moose kit for the Mikuni BSR36mmCV carburetor. It will cost you about $50...Good luck
  10. Ross Buckingham

    DRZ-S Stumbles when it rains

    Disconnect all electrical plugs and spray with electrical contact cleaner and perhaps some dielectric grease on the spark plug lead contact. Good luck
  11. Ross Buckingham

    3 X 3 Mod Concern - Wet Terrain

    What NTG said I wouldn't use the K&N off-road
  12. Ross Buckingham

    Please Help, My Bike Won't Start...is This Why...???

    PM TT member Neil Claydon over on the UK...he is up on the Edelbrock carburetor and is more than willing to help you. Do a search forum...I remember some members using some different needle tapers that seemed promising. Don't give up yet...Good luck
  13. Ross Buckingham

    DR-Z 400s at local shop...your opinions.

    I paid $3k almost 3 years ago for a 2000 S and have done many mods on suspension, etc. I didn't know the rads were "WIMPY" having added Devol guards when I first got it. Bitech MCCT, Tonn's skid-plate, 14x47 gearing, ditched the OEM mirrors for Dual-Stars, Clarke 3.9, 3x3, DJ kit jetted, TT Case Savers, Uni filter, Pro Taper bars, Maier bark-busters etc., etc., etc. I wouldn't give 'em more than $2k because to make it right you're gonna spend some $. I plan on riding the wheels off this bike and it has been a good one but I do much maintenance. Next winter a 435cc big bore and 94 mm piston and a valve train up-grade. If I were you I'd find a 2002 / 2003 that's in decent shape because of the suspension. Ositech is right in this regard and he knows more about the DRZ than I do ...Good luck
  14. Ross Buckingham

    What with the price of tires???

    Well...tires are tied to the price of fuel or oil for one thing. Now that the riding season is about here, in MT anyway, the the oil companies are raising the price as they wish...it really doesn't have anything to do with supply and demand...it has to do with profits and what the futures people say...I spent 30+ years with a "energy company"...When was the last time you saw something go down in price If I was only getting 600 miles outta a rear tire I'd be trying something different. Specialized tires are gonna cost more than a "car" tire just because the are "special"...Not much call for a Michelin S12 or Dunlop 739 unless you are a crazy dirt bike rider...Brother...Good luck...I hear ya
  15. Ross Buckingham

    What do you use for service manuals?

    www.ronayers.com about $45 for the genuine Suzuki Service Manual which has up-dates for later year models, etc. I wouldn't mess with one on CD because the manual is pretty handy in the shop...unless you have a computer in your shop and don't mind pirating or copyright infringement. Don't even bother with the Haynes, Clymers, etc. Total waste of $ IMHO...Good luck