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  1. Buy the Enduro Engineering guards. They would have saved the radiator.
  2. My kickstart gear broke off in the case, and I can't get a replacement case or engine to fix it. I'm finding that engine casings are machined together (you need left and right side), and as a part are not available through dealership. Neither is a complete engine. I found a rebuilt 2017 300 xcw engine on eBay. What are thoughts on putting this xcw engine on an xc bike? Best of both worlds (xc suspension/xcw tranny)? Would you want this hybrid?
  3. Check out Co1Graphic on Facebook. I've had them custom make multiple bike graphics for me, and pricing, delivery, and quality are great. I can send you pics if you'd like.
  4. 2019 300 xc built to the max! Shout out to Co1Graphics... Cant believe how good their service and quality is.
  5. That is the craziest bike trailers I have ever seen! Not sure if I'd trust that.
  6. I wish KTM did this too. I had to buy both sides when my kickstart gear broke off from The inside casing.
  7. I got the big bore and stroker kit for my 2008 crf450...now it's a 511 lol. Big gains across the board, just got a Lectron and Tokyo Mods X10... Can't wait to install those. I will say there is a lot going on with building this engine out so much. I'm now on the manuals recommended service schedule for hours.
  8. I believe you need to get both left and right side as a set. I think they are machined to fit together, preventing mixing and matching. Any pro builders who can verify this? I know it's true on my KTMs. Tough break by the way, sorry to see that much damage.
  9. Found the culprit... The spark arrestor screen was clogged with packing! Not sure why it had packed up so bad so quickly but that was the problem. Unfortunately when I put the clutch case cover back on (to check power valve mechanisms) the Kickstarter spring popped out of the home hole the end of it fits into. Wham! On start it broke off the Kickstarter gear on the inside case. $2k in damage, just like that. All over not checking the exhaust in the beginning.
  10. Holy crap I've never seen that happen before. Do you know what did it? I'd recommend replacing the entire part version fixing... Suspension is no place to try and rig something up.
  11. Hands down the best graphics come from Co1Graphics, you can find them on Facebook. They use the good thick 3M sticker and will make them any way you want them.
  12. It moves freely (not loosely though). How loose should it be?
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