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  1. It will fit. If its stock its a narrower rim and tire, but the axle is the same so it will work.
  2. antman

    Painting stock hubs. Anybody done this?

    I have seen them powdercoated. Just painting it will probably flake off. Just make sure machined surfaces are not coated or it throws off the disk brake clearances.
  3. antman

    oil and tranny capacity

    I am changing a buddies 07 450X engine and tranny oil and need to know the spec. I know you can run a quart in tranny, but for sake of argument what are the exact amounts in the manual. CC's or quarts is fine. Thanks
  4. antman

    shifter same as 450R

    Is the shifter the same on an X as an R. I am looking at ordering a hammerhead shifter for an X and only see R part #'s for an extended shifter
  5. antman

    02-05 gas tank vs. 05-07 tanks

    no Tanks on 02-04 are same 05-07 are same. Wait for one to come on ebay or order from service honda
  6. antman

    06 CRF Lower shock Bearing?

    The lower shock bearing is part of the linkage and has two cups and needle bearings. It comes apart. The upper is a spherical bearing and is just two seals and the sphere, not needles like the linkage. You can jam some grease in there.
  7. antman

    Water pump shaft

    You can replace the water seal without removing the right case cover. Its right there under the water pump and housing, just be careful. If it was backwards I would just switch it the right way. The flat part if the seal goes in. Looks wrong but its right in this case.
  8. antman

    wheel bearing retainer

    I made my own out of a big piece of aluminum strap. Its basically like a huge flat blade screw driver. I then used two adjustable wrenches as levers. Make sure and drill out the peening 1st. Motion pro makes the tool. I'm sure TT store or Dennis Kirk would have it.
  9. Prior years have this as well. Its been posted in thw 450 forum before. If it isn't leaking, I wouldn't worry about it. You could probably polish them out for looks.
  10. Its been so long since I solved this I don't know if I remember exactly what I did, but I think I remember replacing the leak jet fixed mine. I think the size was a 55. Also I put the thumper racing cylinder and that contributed to lack of bog as well. I can't actually stall mine with a fast twist anymore.
  11. antman

    Fork Oil Level Plz Hlp

    The inner you should be OK. If you have too much it just leaks out as you assemble it. The outer I have no idea. You might have better luck on dirtrider.net cause they have 2 strokes on there. Good luck. Also if its way too stiff, you could take out 10CC at a time till it isn't. Not very scientific and abviously both sides at a time.
  12. antman

    Loose rear sprocket...

    Also you said sunstar. Is this steel? Steel is slippierier than aluminum, which may have caused this in the 1st place. Also you can use Yamaha (and this is the only time he he) sprocket bolts. They are harder and the allen is bigger so you can get more torque. I've done this b4 and no issues. I don't use loctite on these but blue won't hurt or a tiny (like a pin head) drop of red.
  13. antman

    chain/wheel sticktion

    The chain could have a seized link. Pull it off and run it through your hand you will be able to find if that is it. Obviously replace chain will fix that if that is the issue.
  14. antman

    where to mount hour meter

    http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v93/antman747/?action=view&current=resized_DSC_0111.jpg I like this location out of the way and has been working fine for years
  15. antman

    So I just want to be sure....

    works fine just make sure the machined surfaces don't get coated.