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  1. mjslim

    License Plate Holder Replacement

    Appreciate the responses, looks like some creative DIY solutions out there. Found an inexpensive LED tail light/license plate from RMATV that should do the trick, looks almost identical to the BD version that comes nowadays as part of their DS kits. If I can't easily adapt the RMATV bracket, I will fab my own version out of aluminum.
  2. I have a Baja Designs DS kit on my 2003 WR450. The cheesy aluminum license plate bracket broke years ago and I have been running with the license plate mounted directly on the rear fender. Need to adapt another license plate holder since the original Baja Designs unit is no longer available. Looking for something that will mount under the rear fender yet not interfere with the OEM tail light. My existing tail light/brake light still works so I only need the license plate illumination light to be legal. Any recommendations?
  3. mjslim

    Price Check on Aisle 3

    Appreciate the input guys. It's a done deal at $2500
  4. mjslim

    Price Check on Aisle 3

    I have a friend who wants to buy my 2003 WR450. Bike is basically stock, but has a Baja Designs dual sport kit with AZ plate, Trailtech computer, Devol skid plate, Cycra CRM handguards, Turntech lithium battery, Ironman sprockets, and the 2004 starter upgrade mod. Motor runs great and does not burn oil, suspension does not leak, everything in good working order. After looking at some other older WR450s for sale, I was thinking $2500 would be a fair asking price. Does this sound reasonable?
  5. Thanks for the ideas guys. Van came without a hitch so guess I'll have to install one. Looks like the simplest solution is a combination of your ideas: get a hitch rack then bolt a Jerry can carrier to the hitch rack. Was hoping to find something that attached to one of the rear doors, although the doors are probably not robust enough to handle the weight of a full 5 gallon can without some serious reinforcing. Could also do a roof rack, but that is kind of overkill for carrying a gas can.
  6. Just converted a 2003 Chevy Express 2500 to a two-bike motovan and am very happy with it overall. Only thing I haven't figured out is how to carry gas cans on the outside of the vehicle. Since I am using the van as a sleeper, I don't want any gas to spill and soak into the mat/flooring, as I would be smelling that stuff forever. I even drain the carbs on the bikes prior to transport as a precaution, and that really helps to keep the fumes down. Anyone have some clever ideas for external gas can storage?
  7. I recently did what you are talking about - converted a 2003 Chevy Express 2500 into a two bike motovan. Bolted some 1/2 in ply down to smooth out the corrugations for sleeping and allow a foundation for removable wheel chocks. Mounted two Pingel wheel chocks to the ply then threw the (what I believe to be) the OEM black floor mat over top of the ply and cut access holes for the Pingel brackets. The OEM floor mat has some carpet type padding attached to it which is thick enough to allow the Pingel brackets to be recessed just below the mat level when the chocks are removed. This is ideal because you can roll out a sleeping bag right over the recessed Pingel brackets and not even feel them protruding through. Went on a 3 day camping trip recently and it worked great as a sleeper. Very happy with the results. To address some of your concerns: Windows can be good or bad depending on your needs. My van only has two windows on the rear doors, which is nice to coneal your bikes, but a bit of a bi-atch when backing up or making left hand turns in certain situations where you have a huge blind spot. Passenger vans with lots of glass don't have the blind spot issue, but also allow your contents to be more visible. Pick your poison. 4WD is nice but also adds to the price and limits your choices of used vehicles. I have found that standard 2WD vans/pickups have decent ground clearance and allow me to get everywhere I need to go off-road without any hassles, as long as I don't push it. If you plan on towing a camper or encounter a lot of mud and snow, 4WD is probably a better choice. Cruise is definitely a nice option, but harder to come by on your basic Cargo Van. Probably easier to find on the passenger vans. The standard gearing on a Cargo Van or Passenger Van is fine for hauling around two bikes and some gear. If you are going to tow something heavy (i.e. camper) then it is more of a consideration I would defiinitely go with a V8 engine, and forget about the V6s or smaller. Regardless of engine size, all full size gas vans get crappy mileage due to their weight and large frontal area, and the difference in gas savings between a 6 and 8 is not worth worrying about. Better to go with the v8 and at least you will have reasonable torque and power. As 6 Riders pointed out, try to find a vehicle with a good engine, tranny, and front end components, don't worry so much about the age of the vehicle or the odometer reading. Helps if the vehicle was never used for towing or hauling heavy loads - try to find out the previous usage. If your mechanic is savvy, he can help you find one that is mechanically sound.
  8. mjslim

    Replacing the OEM Handguards

    Thanks for the confirmation guys. Thought it was odd that the parts bag had the dust covers and perch clamp caps, but no pivot screws.
  9. Have a new 2013 350 exc, and took off the orange plastic OEM hand guards to replace them with some Fastways handguards. In my KTM owner's brief case I have a bag of extra parts that include rubber dust covers for the front brake and clutch levers, and the top half-moon clamps for front brake and clutch perches that don't have the mirror mount hole. What I don't have are shorter pivot screws for the levers - the OEM ones are too long because they are designed to extend thru the OEM guards, and are fastened by captive aluminum nuts. I called my dealer and he said the 2013's do not come with extra pivot screws. Is this true, or does he owe me some parts?
  10. Is this a simple adjustment or do you have to be an electrical weenie to figure this out?
  11. mjslim

    Bike Buying Tactics

    The nearest dealers for me are Del Amo and Long Beach Motorsports and I have had some discussions a few months back with 3 Bros, although I was not ready to buy at the time.
  12. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a 350 exc and have my list of add-ons (sprockets, fan, etc.) to go with it. Can you negotiate a better deal by rolling all the costs into one out-the-door price, or does it just confuse the matter? Does a dealer have more flexibility to cut you a deal on the add-ons versus the bike, and can that actually work in your favor?
  13. mjslim

    450 xcw

    Snow?? What's that? (snicker, snicker........) Looking good!
  14. mjslim

    Threads for 350 exc Setup

    Thanks filterx - I will check out those links. Wasn't having much luck when I first started to search (lack skill in that area) but with a little persistence and a few choice search words I have managed to find most of what I was looking for. When finished, I will post up a short summary list of the basic mods that most guys are doing to help others in the same boat. As for the infamous E-TICKET thread, I did come across that earlier, but it was like the "War and Peace" of new bike prep, whereas I was looking for the cliff note version. But give the man his props, he leaves no stone unturned.
  15. For those of you who have already gone through the setup on your new 350, could you point me to some of the more helpful posts? I have limited luck trying to weed through and find the basic pertinent info. Looking for "consensus" (if that's possible) solutions for desmog, mapping, etc. needed to get the bike running right. Thanks in advance for any help.