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  1. kawinj

    Centralia, P.A., Abandoned town...any riding??

    I heard the carbon fumes give you superhuman powers.
  2. kawinj

    New to ThumperTalk

    Welcome Honds Love. Just don't start any new threads on religion, the gas crisis, or politics and you'll be fine.
  3. They sell this stuff called Awesome in the dollar stores near me. I buy a half dozen bottles at a time and pre soak the whole bike with it first. Make sure the bike is in the shade when you pre soak it with anything otherwise you'll be defeating the purpose. But yeah, the scotch brite pads work good on baked on stuff.
  4. kawinj

    winter vermont trip

    ouch!...at least you have good views on ski resorts..
  5. kawinj

    winter vermont trip

    The southern tier is definitely better for family vacations Mt Snow and Stratton are really nice. My grandparents live way the hell up in the northeast kindom so I've only skied Jay Peak and Burke up that way. Jay gets an insane amount of snow, they have some great natural terrain trails and is one of the few places in the east you can ski deep powder consistantly and the tram is a nice touch. Brush up on your French if you go...
  6. kawinj

    Enough of this clown

    I think he sucked on a bottle of Jack before that interview. Congrats to him though.
  7. kawinj

    Bought a KDX 220

    Nice find. Much better choice than the TTR
  8. kawinj

    CRF230 is faster than a KDX200

    I'm glad you mentioned that because I've taken my bro-in-law on his KLX400 from the start than he just walks away from me, I thought I was just not comfy going over 60 on gravel. At that speed the KDX starts to feel too light. I'm only 150lbs so...
  9. shhhh....you'll ruin it!
  10. True...it's more like the, "hey here's what most of you will never be able to afford to do"...
  11. kawinj

    Best knee gaurds? Big legs

    The Thor Force guards do run big. I wear a medium and they're too big so maybe the large would be your ticket.
  12. I know a lot of industry people pop in and out to check out where the sheep's interests are heading. I feel bad when a rep from one of the product distributors has to come on and defend themselves because some sixteen year old bought the wrong part for his bike and decides to drag the manufacturer through the mud on the largest moto related site on the internet. Granted, some of them deserve it, and hopefully it's a wake up call for them to consistently provide good service, but I'm sure it's part of somebody's daily job to cruise through all the sites related to their product just to see what's being said. Good or bad. As for the pros, I doubt the veterans are checking too much out. The up and coming pros who are just outside the spotlight probably do though. You'd have to be a little vein and have a big ego to feel the need to see what people might be saying about you every other day, and we all know there are no big egos in MX...
  13. kawinj

    Down Hill Switch Backs

    Those type turns out here in the east can be dually problematic in the summer months especially on narrow trails will dense foliage on both sides, you can't see who coming around the corner (unless they're on a quad, then you might hear all the hootin' and yee-hawin) . I generally sprint up at a faster pace when ascending towards one of those turns then quickly decellerating, the problem is as you mentioned going down them as slow and as safe as possible I have on occasion brushed bars with someone coming up hot and not holding their line. I agree with aiming your front wheel at the apex of the turn and the rest will follow, just hope somebody else isn't aiming for the same line. Gee can you tell I get frustrated when I have to share the trail? I need to move to Alaska. Just me and the bears.
  14. kawinj

    Suspicious dirtbike death in Wilton CT

    I hate reading stories like this...vigilante-ism? is the thought that comes to mind.
  15. kawinj

    Alessi Hanging His Head

    I'm glad somebody gets it...