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  1. California

    You just ride around portoloa springs? I live near Rancho Middle School.
  2. California

    Teach me your ways.
  3. California

    I live in Irvine and it's the OC. I literally get the cops called on me for starting my dirt bike, not even revving.
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    Has two wheels
    Has two wheels
  5. I think that the new Honda is the bike for me. Thanks everyone!
  6. Thanks for the info but I have heard that the Hondas are a little "down" in power. Is that true or no? I can't handle a 450 haha
  7. Okay thanks good to know!
  8. Good or bad rumors?
  9. I am looking to buy a 2016 CRF250R I currently ride a 07' YZ125. I am 13 years old and almost 5 feet 11 inches. I have seen that they are advertising that the new 2016 will have more top end power. But from what they are saying they have changed do you guys think that it will be the a lot more powerful or just a bit? Thanks a lot guys!
  10. First of all I would like to say hello. I am new to this forum and I need some help. I am 13 (almost 14) 5 feet 10 inches 150 pounds. I ride a 07' Yz125 and want more power. I mostly do sand racing but sometimes race hard packed. How would a Crf250r handle in the sand and would it have a lot more power or just a little more then my Yz? It's a lot of money and that's why I am searching for some answers. Also would a four stroke become more likely to break down if ridden in the sand? Thanks everyone!