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  1. I live in Hollister and it has not rained here all day yet but will probably rain tonight.
  2. I think hs is talking about the upper trails of the lower ranch.
  3. Thanks... But what trail should I take to get up in the upper trails? Is the MX track or vintage track open? Also is there any rangers there this week? Because my bike is a "little" loud but it has a spark arrestor. Edit::Sorry I forgot to sign off on this computer for wannabe_bubba_259. But this is RideRaceLive123.
  4. Riding lessons,Suspension revavle,tires,oil,air and oil filters,RG3 clamp or Fasstco Flexxbars. But a Suspension revalve will do nothing without knowing what your clickers do.
  5. thanks, 250Thumpher yeah, have seen a couple pics of E-street and it looks like it has fun jumps. I saw a triple and a double and the riders were pretty high up there. So it looks really fun. Like this jump..http://www.factoryphoto.com/image.php?id=3526
  6. Yeah, I was there that day also, but I sucked that day. Because finally at the last practice of the day I started feeling comfortable on my bike. But can you do the triple in the front? I might try it next time I go there, because I saw some guy on a crf250 last Saturday, just roll the throttle out of the corner and he didn't seat bounce and he cleared it perfect. But do you have any tips for the rythem section? Because when ever I go there I double it but I case each rythem that I am doing. But I run a 50 tooth rear sprocket at SJMX so maybe that is why I am in 3rd and occasionly 4th on the track.
  7. Today I just went to the upper ranch 4X4 area with my brother and his jeep. And it was perfect for a jeep in most areas. But if the dirtbike park is the same conditions as the 4X4 park it would have been a way too muddy for a bike. On the 4X4 trails they were either dried out all the way or it was a couple inches of mud so you could just make a rut or it was just slimy hardpack dirt.
  8. I know that 01-05 YZF's can safely hold up to 2 quarts of oil before oil starts popping out of the dipstick . I am not sure about 06's though.
  9. What they mean by total amount is if you split your cases or something you should put in that total amount. Because there is no way to get all the oil out of a engine without spliting the cases.
  10. Besides the MX track and the vintage track I haven't been anywhere else at HH in 1.5-2 years. So I forgot how the sand trails are like. But here is a weather forecast for the next 10 days.http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/USCA0486?from=36hr_fcst10DayLink_undeclared
  11. Holy Crap, your engine looks cool. But did you sandblast it or something? Also what is Glisten PC?
  12. Yeah, a few months ago it sucked. They try to change parts of the every couple weeks or every month. Because a few months ago they didn't have a rythem section, a couple doubles, and a small set of whoops. But from when I first went there in October(I think) and how the track layout now is, It is waaayyyy better.One really good thing they did is take out some stupid S turns and put a couple straights and added the whoop section there. LOL. The novice on the 450 I was talking about. We were talking what gear we where in throughtout the whole track. And when I said mostly 3rd and occasion 4th. He thought I was lying since he is in 2nd the whole track.
  13. I used to be homeschooled like 3 years ago when I didn't ride and I hated it. It was soooo boring. But now I would love being homeschooled, so I could ride more.
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