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  1. skorpan777


    He didn't choke, he just cant relax
  2. skorpan777

    Greasing wheel bearings

    Just replace them when the fails, they are pretty cheap sold as a kit for YOUR bike with the outersheild
  3. Think better to wear then NOT to wear. Why i not have one is because i the they are WAYYY overpriced, Here a good one is 350-450 Dollars. I rather have a good helmet for that money
  4. skorpan777

    Will an 01 ttr125 engine bolt in to a 03 ttr125L frame?

    Yes for 2001 the TTR125 Engine fits the L in Model year 2001, Compare numbers here for 2001-03, just scroll down and compare part numbers https://www.yamahapart.com/oemparts/c/yamaha_motorcycle_2001/parts
  5. Aircoold bikes from early 80s are actyallynot so heavy as you think A Yamaha YZ490 1982 is 107kg dry
  6. skorpan777

    2019 Beta Evo Factory Editions - First Look

    4stroke Trailbike looks sweet,
  7. skorpan777

    2016 kx450f

    If you mean it doesent move in first gear, Maby fried clutch?
  8. skorpan777

    2019 450 long haul updates?

    Dont own the new bike, but never Heard anything worrying... Like always with TeamGreen 450s, they are bulletproof!
  9. skorpan777

    KTM circling the drain - 2019 edition

    Webb was really good on that orange bike, hope it wasnt just because of the mud
  10. skorpan777

    KTM circling the drain - 2019 edition

    Is that your analysis from ONE race?
  11. Just use when takeoff then just shift without clutch
  12. skorpan777

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    Webb last to 5th....AMAZIN
  13. skorpan777

    Webb, the ride Mango wants to talk about

    Webb is BACK! Fingers crossed....
  14. skorpan777

    swingarm difference

    Think it will work. Or buy a used from Ebay if money is the problem
  15. skorpan777

    Metal bits in oil sump

    WOW.... Idiot