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  1. skorpan777

    Clutch Mods

    Extend the clutch holder arm (aprox 10mm) ON THE ENGINE SIDE so you get more leverage. It's steel and it's a easy job with a weld, and IMO the best bang for the buck. if you have that kind of clutch I would go that rout
  2. skorpan777

    Tomac to MXGP?

    What do you mean, someone did ask about it. In the post race pressconferance
  3. skorpan777

    Plastic triangle piece under seat

  4. skorpan777

    Tomac to MXGP?

    Don't think he will ever go over there
  5. skorpan777

    VP fuel to Pump Fuel and Tokyo Mods

    All depends how the ECU is programed, you can just ask the seller. But probably you can run pump gas with no problem.
  6. skorpan777

    YZ500 for 2019? Is it real?

    Wow this topic never dies LOL
  7. skorpan777

    450 overheating prevention

    Go down a tooth in front and and learn ride with less clutch to much creates more heat (it also makes you go faster:)) and run black coupler I do it and never overheat in wood. I run stock 1.1 cap
  8. skorpan777

    2014 KX450f valve shim specs?

    Looking good
  9. skorpan777

    2014 KX450f valve shim specs?

    Don't go tight, go within spec. Why not go with spec? You dont gain anything
  10. skorpan777

    Oil in sight glass looks milky

    Bad waterpump gasket/seal There are kits go buy for this
  11. skorpan777

    Engine Rebuild - Need help

    Wrench Rabbit is the way to go. Ti valves is only needed for PROS so it's cheaper to get steel valves and just lap them to the head.
  12. skorpan777

    2019 KX 450

    Could be the new design and not a problem. It's like KTMs camchain rattle because of the oneoff tensioner design. I am guessing here
  13. skorpan777

    Anyone tried another Caliper in front? 2014 MY

    OK will try it
  14. skorpan777

    Proper Motorcycle Engine Break-In After Rebuild

    Here is one more about porting MoronMan
  15. skorpan777

    Proper Motorcycle Engine Break-In After Rebuild

    Here is one video to watch about MotoMan