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  1. skorpan777

    Question about YZ250 Cylinder and Piston

    No question is stupid.
  2. skorpan777

    Crf 250 2018 broke basket

    Goog good
  3. skorpan777

    Big chinese radiators for Beta rr

    Ive have run them and abused them. So IMO THEY ARE CRAP. But good for ppl that dont have much, like students or weeken warriors
  4. skorpan777

    2019 KX450 Dailed in RACERX

    If you ride the Nationals not for the "normal" rider
  5. skorpan777

    What age did you peak?

    35-now (41)
  6. skorpan777

    Nylon washers on oil plugs

    I use O-rings cheapest and easyiest to handle IMO
  7. Buy a CRF250X. Easy to ride and cheap parts and lighter and more "modern" bike
  8. skorpan777

    Front End Push

    Slide the forks up 5mm in the clamps And mot of all begin with correct sag
  9. skorpan777

    Kx450f carby problems

    Just buy parts you need, and go only with OEM/genuin parts with carb parts. Theres are alotof cheap carb and carb parts and they dont work well., iknow i tried on my wifes Crf250x so i hade to do it all over again. Cheers
  10. skorpan777

    Hottest spark plug

    Just out of curiosity, do you have problems with your spark plug now? Check here if you can find cross-reference or try to google it http://www.sparkplug-crossreference.com/
  11. skorpan777

    sump plug rounded off

    2options. (If you mean threads are nomore) 1. Helicoil, let a mechanic do it. 2. Buy a bolt with safetywire holes and plug it in with heatsilicone , and hand thight just enough so it sits, safetywire it(do this ONLY if there are some thread left ptherwise it will just fel out.)
  12. skorpan777

    Crankcase pressurising

    Dont quite understand what you mean, but if you feel with your hand at the crankcase breather hose you will feel some wind/blowing when engine is on
  13. skorpan777

    KXF Engine Noise normal?

    Try find same bike on youtube and compare noise
  14. skorpan777

    KXF Engine Noise normal?

    its sound little too much Check your camchain tensioner. Dowmnload service manual how you reset the camchain tensioner
  15. OHH you need to find a balance Motos Saturday, babes Sunday