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  1. Thanks for the info - any idea where to get the industrial version? Still hoping someone makes a legit black version too. A new green one is a bit over $100, yikes!
  2. I thought of that, but I read that the RIT dye changed at some point and doesn't work as well as it once did.
  3. Hey guys, I'm new in this forum, as I've been a 2 stroke YZ guy for years and just bought the fantastic new 2019 KX450. I'd envisioned doing a black plastics conversion at some point when those kits finally come out, but I noticed after getting the bike that the airbox is green this year, unlike the last gen. Anyone know if any aftermarket companies like Acerbis or Polisport are planning on making a black version of the airbox? Pretty tough to do a colorway conversion with a green airbox
  4. The new KX450. I still have my 16 YZ250 race bike. It's just time to try something new and different.
  5. Sold my beloved 2006 YZ125 She's going to a loving home, but I'm sure I'll regret it at some point. Needed room in the garage.....
  6. Tankslap

    2019 Supercross Anaheim 1_ Official Smack Talk

    That's why I like to live in the middle. Applies to all sorts of things.
  7. Tankslap

    2019 Supercross Anaheim 1_ Official Smack Talk

    They are gonna try either way. May as well make it safe as possible.
  8. Tankslap

    2019 Supercross Anaheim 1_ Official Smack Talk

    They'd get 40 leaf blowers out there
  9. Tankslap

    2019 Supercross Anaheim 1_ Official Smack Talk

    Not to mention it's just a heat race in cruddy conditions. Not that I'm pulling for em.
  10. Tankslap

    YZ-V 250

    Perfect for whoops
  11. Tankslap

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Wow, from the "Kawasaki lets the good times roll" days
  12. Tankslap

    How to crash?

    My advice would be to spend more time planning and thinking about the jump before doing it, and if it is a big enough jump, follow someone into it to gauge the right speed. I would not recommend a universal tactic like pulling up on the bars. It would completely depend on the situation. In general, and the way modern tracks tend to make the landings relatively safe (compared to years ago), stay balanced on the bike, and most importantly keep it straight. The absolute last thing you want to do is case a jump with the rear tire kicked out to either side. As @Lahms pointed out, the results can be disastrous.
  13. Tankslap

    Wrap or buy Boyesen?

    Maybe not what you are looking for at this point, but Topar Racing does some nice custom billet covers. This one is off my YZ250 (and I have one for my newer model YZ125 too), but they also make them for older model YZ125s like yours. I just had them engrave GYTR on mine to match my clutch cover.
  14. Tankslap

    V FORCE VS RAD VALVE: Pro's & Con's???

    Roger that. You a Maui guy or Oahu/Kahuku? I grew up riding Kahuku as a kid. (Sorry for thread hijack)