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  1. Ya. I have two led 8 inch bars on my bike now stacked on top of each other but the round looks sick
  2. Is there a cheaper alternative for this light? I don’t wanna pay $275.
  3. vic_vega9

    Oil leaking from crank case plug

    Ok thanks. Now I can go beat the hell out of it again.
  4. vic_vega9

    Oil leaking from crank case plug

    I tried to attach a pic from my phone but it was too big. I'll try from my computer
  5. I checked my valves yesterday and I pulled the crank case plug and there was a good bit of oil where you turn the crank. Maybe a couple ounces. The crank case plug has an oring on it so I figured some oil might pass by. Is that normal?
  6. Well the problem Was leaving my manual petcock in the on position all week. I shut it off last week and when I came home I turned it to on and the bike fired right up. Let that be a lesson.
  7. just an old trick. it was getting gas, it was getting spark so tryed it and it fired up first crank
  8. thats what i was going to do, oil change with better oil. if i remember right, this started happening last time i changed the oil. funny thing is the oil i used was suzuki oil. maybe my bike doesnt like that oil.
  9. It will turn over but will not fire up.
  10. Well just looked at my petcock and it's a pingel, which is a good expensive petcock but it's a non vacuum one and I never payed attention and thought it was a vacuum one and have been leaving it in the on position the hole time I owned it. About 4 months. Does anyone think that's the problem and I might have had gas leak in the engine washing the oil away??
  11. 12,000 miles, 2007 supermoto
  12. gonna try this. ill post in a week!
  13. So I'm guessing if it was that I would have trouble all the time not just when it sits for a week?
  14. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/902888-compression-testing-a-drz400-e-before-purchase/ "automatic compression release on the exhaust cam for starting". Anyone know what this is????
  15. Propose is to lube the rings because they dry out and didn't hold compression. Looks like I'll have to do a compression check then.