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  1. Google it. You can use a conjuction at the start of a sentence. Completely normal. Anyway back to the original topic please lol
  2. That is a perfectly normal and english was to start a statement. Why would you try and overtake a question that I have with such a retarded comment such as that?
  3. So I am going to be moving back to southern California in the next few months and since I left 3 years ago I was finally able to get back into the motocross hobby since I left. Now that we are going back I cannot wait to go to glammis but I am reading about the different OHV stickers. I have a 2015 YZ250F that was purchased out of state, not sure if that matters or not. What sticker will that require to ride there? The california websites don't seem to give a direct answer. Thanks guys!
  4. There's a section at a local track that has you hit a jump where the landing is off to the right so as you hit the jump you are leaning to the side. When I get into the air the rear end kicks hard to the right. Whats the technique for this?
  5. That's awesome input. That one comment make me happy I posted this.
  6. That's interesting, I am planning on buying one already anyway. But looking at how the neck braces sit, there appears to be a lot of space between the top of the brace and the bottom of the helmet.
  7. Damn, that's the worst thing I think that could happen. You take the cake haha. Makes me feel a lot better to see other people had some harsh injuries and feel the same way I do about wanting to get back on the bike. When my accident happened my wife immediately said we're selling the bike. I felt more sadness about the thought of that then potentially needing back surgery. Thanks for the stories fellas.
  8. So over the weekend I was going through a high speed sand roller section and got bucked off the bike, landed squarely on my head, and ended up with 4 compression fractures in the middle of my spine. Although sounding bad I can walk, have all movement, and no surgery is needed. Basically I will recover and be able to ride again in a few months or so. Just wondering what your worst injury was, and how it happened.
  9. Live just north of Austin and I have 2 riding buddies that are c/d level. Would love to come check it out.
  10. 15 hours on my 15 and wash every time back. No issues.
  11. Has anyone ever ridden here? Couple friends and I are looking to get in. Looks amazing.
  12. I recently had my 2015 YZ250F at a dealership to have the 1st service done on it. When I picked the bike bike up I loaded it into my truck and continued to drive home. Once i got it home I started to unload it. The bike was in gear so I went to grab the clutch and it wasnt there. I then looked and saw it was bent and rounded away from the handle bar. I called them and they didnt admit to anything but they did replace it and i didnt see any other damage so i went on my way. With that said, I've crashed a couple dirt bikes pretty bad, this one included, also dropped an R6 right on its side when loading it on to a trailer and I've never bent a lever like this one was bent. So my question is how easy is it to bend these things and how hard would theh have had to drop it to bend to where the lever looked like the letter C? Just curious.
  13. I have been trying to find custom number plate stickers for my wife's 2014 crf125 big wheel. Anyone know of any sites or places to look?