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  1. Boom! In for one. Thanks!
  2. rockjunkie

    Clutch install questions 2005 crf450r....

    The manual recommends Honda HP4 oil (It's a semi-synthetic and comes in a Gold Bottle). You can get it at almost any dealer or parts shop. Or you can use Honda Trans Lube. In a pinch you can use whatever oil you're using in the motor, as long as it doesn't use MOLY.
  3. rockjunkie

    Supercross in HD?

    I noticed that according to this page, 06 Supercross TV schedule Some of the 06 Supercross races will be broadcast on CBS. Any idea if they'll be broadcast in HD? I'm hoping so since I just bought a 44" HDTV. Did they broadcast last year in HD on ESPN?
  4. rockjunkie

    Two TIVO Tips for Las Vegas SX

    Cool info. I won't need it though, as I'll be there LIVE on saturday.
  5. rockjunkie

    Some big air

    If you look at the tree in the background of this picture, http://www.motoparkracing.com/gallery/03/may2402.jpg and compare it, Looks like it might be the same tree next to the landing in the background of this picture: http://www.motoparkracing.com/gallery/03/may2401.jpg Pretty safe landing area for a 100 foot+ jump.
  6. I found this cool photo of the Cahuilla Creek MX park this morning. Looks to be about 12 months old or so. Pretty cool to see an aerial version. Anybody have the address of the other tracks? I'd like to look them up also. http://www.rockjunkies.com/images/ccmxpark.jpg
  7. rockjunkie

    Bubba Case Video?

    oh man, that was quite a hit. I bet the frame wasn't too happy about that. Let alone bubba.
  8. rockjunkie

    Kicking it over

    I can start my yz250f in gear, holding the clutch, ONLY when the engine is warm. When the engine and oil is cold, the bike lurches when kicked. This leads me to believe that the clutch works best when the oil is warmed up. Hopefully that answers your question.
  9. rockjunkie

    How do you do 180 turns?

    Video worked for me. I distinctly remember MC doing that maneuver during Anaheim 1 this year after an ugly get off. Very cool looking when he did it so fast.
  10. rockjunkie

    Las Vegas roll call

    I'll be there on my birthday May 7th.
  11. rockjunkie

    Riding Video

    You actually expect people to PAY for your amateur home videos with crappy music? Are you nuts? Its good for a home video, but nothing more, sorry to say.
  12. rockjunkie

    one wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last Weekend at Truckhaven http://www.rockjunkies.com/images/truckhaven0314.jpg
  13. rockjunkie

    Tierra Del Sol

    I'll be there with with a group of about 12 4x4's. I'll have my 250F with me.
  14. rockjunkie

    Thor Quadrant boots

    I ordered a pair of these at my local dealer ,and waited 4 weeks for them to show up. Once they did, I tried them on, and quickly bought a pair of Alpinestar Tech 4's instead. The Thor quadrants felt clunky and didn't fit nearly as well. Go try them on, and compare them. You'll never know until you try them.
  15. rockjunkie


    Anybody here ride at Truckhaven? (near salton city). Its about 30 mins closer to my house in Palm Desert, than Ocotillo Wells, so I go there quite often. The terrain is amazing. I was there on Sunday and I noticed they're starting construction on N. Marina Drive. Looks like they're building homes there. I hope they don't block access to the desert from that street. Anyone know exactly what's going on there? If they do build homes there, the homeowners will have an interesting experience when 30,000 vehicles drive by their house at TDS next year. hehe.