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  1. Tuner

    18" wheel on woods YZ125--first run

    Please go to post #9 from KTM Talk thread previously covered..... Summer jetting spec...now 45P-178m-NEDH #2 Thanks! http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?544709-HP-xc-w-150&p=5290192#post5290192
  2. Tuner

    Swingarm Refinishing?

    Aircraft Paint Stripper, then SOS soap pads.... https://www.amazon.com/Klean-Strip-QAR-343-Aircraft-Paint-Remover/dp/B0015DOL1A/ref=sr_1_3?crid=PPTM4GXS6O9H&keywords=aircraft+paint+remover&qid=1549661599&sprefix=Aircraft+paint+remover%2Caps%2C205&sr=8-3
  3. Tuner

    2018 Xplor Revalving

    Good Info
  4. Tuner

    Xplor fork solutions

    Since you said they can be fixed for $150...….. Tell us how.
  5. Tuner

    18" wheel on woods YZ125--first run

    I rode with the 18" wheel and 110/90x18 AT81 on Friday. I realize how subjective a tire and terrain evaluation is, I'm a single track rider, not a motocrosser, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm not going back to the 19...the 18' AT81 combination seems like money on the 125, but I kind of screwed up the tire evaluation by installing a lighter spring in the rear shock compression adjuster (Factory Connection HSSK04...best $20 I've ever spent) which completely changed my impression of the rear suspension overall, with less compression "Spike" and deflection (could be part tire)...….. Seemed like the faster I rode the better it worked...Happy! I'm glad I didn't revalve the shock before adding the 18" rear and the spring to the compression adjuster...I'm going to add a couple of face shims to the rebound stack and I think I'm done, the bike just worked GREAT. I think the best I can say about the tire is I didn't notice it! smooth and predictable, the bike seemed to hook up everywhere, and was a lot more predictable, compared to the MX3S. My buddy rode it and said the YZ suspension was "Pure Magic" compared to his 2017 150 SX. I am going to loan him the 18" rear wheel from my Husky, so it should be a more subjective tire/wheel comparison. I have been running the 110/90x18" AT81 on my Husky TE 150, so I am used to the "feel" of it... and the complete YZ 125 rear wheel is 2 pounds lighter than the 19" with the MX3S at 22.43 pounds complete. I will ride the bikes back to back this week.
  6. Tuner

    Xplor fork solutions

    What is your suggestion?
  7. Tuner

    18" wheel on woods YZ125--first run

    Just received my RM delivery. The OEM Dunlop 18" tube weighs 1.53 pounds... I would call it about a medium thickness. The 110/90x18 AT81 weighed in this time at 10.3 pounds (The last one weighed 10.1 on the same scale) Close enough.. Not sure how old the YZ 250 wheel I borrowed is...2.15 rim, 50T sunstar sprocket, and old style full round brake disc with holes....but it weighs 10.6 with rim lock...so the total is 22.43 pounds all up..(I will weigh it again when everything is all mounted up). I just removed the OEM 19" rear wheel, tube and 1/2 worn 110/90x19 MX3s and weighed it at 24.2 pounds, for a difference of 1 3/4 pounds lighter for the 18" set up. I will try to get in a ride in the next couple of days and see what I think...….I adjusted the gearing so it will be the same., and run it at 10psi. OEM Dunlop Tube from RM: TUBE (110-140/80-100-18 M/C) | DUNLOP Part # 131204014503 $12.57
  8. Tuner

    18" wheel on woods YZ125--first run

    I prefer Dunlop tubes, but they seem hard to find. I just ordered an OEM Yamaha (18" rear) Dunlop tube from RM. I will weigh it up when it arrives tomorrow, and let you know.....
  9. Tuner

    YZ125 with Athena Bore Kit Help

    Seems to be a chronic problem. Later kits use a 1 piece gasket. Call them and pitch a fit! Dan Truman GET Brand Manager – USA ATHENA USA INC. 2308 58th Ave E, 34203 - Bradenton, FL tel: 1 -844-447-0377 mob: 941-448-0650 fax: 941-896-7906 skype: dan.truman dtruman@athenausa.com www.athenaparts.com www.getdata.it
  10. Tuner

    18" wheel on woods YZ125--first run

    The Dennis Kirk website lists the shipping weight of each tire by size in the specs for whatever tire brand you are viewing, and the Dunlop website has all of the dimensional specs. I have a very accurate scale, and weigh almost everything I use (hang over from mountain bikes) Don't forget the weight of the tubes......it adds up fast. My TE 150 came with a 110/100x18 AT81 that was huge for the 150, and weighed 12 pounds, the 110/90x18 AT81 is 1/4" less tread width, 1" less diameter, and weighs 2 pounds less. It was a win/win for the TE 150. Less centrifugal mass, and virtually the same tread width.. So I decided to try one on the YZ 125, which currently is running a 110/90x19 MX3s and is 2 pounds heavier at 12 pounds. I ride mostly single track in the local mountains and high desert...
  11. Tuner

    18" wheel on woods YZ125--first run

    I know it's all opinion, but I am really impressed with the 110/90x18 AT81 I'm running on my TE 150...it has a wide tread, and about the same diameter as the 100/100 tires. It is also the lightest tire I found at 10 pounds. I borrowed the 18" YZ wheel from my buddy, and will mount one up and report back. My 18" 150 rear wheel weighs 2 pounds less than my YZ 125 19" wheel and tire, and the 18" YZ wheel and AT81 should be 2 pounds lighter as well.
  12. Tuner

    Xplor fork solutions

    Since I'm not as aggressive a rider as I used to be, I find the Xplor suspension adequate for the mostly single track riding I do...They do seem to have more deflection in the roots, and rocks than I would prefer....any advice to minimize some of the deflection? Springs, dampening, and travel all seem proper. Thanks for all the good info...…...
  13. Tuner

    Tire size effects on suspension

    It's all opinion, bike and type of riding...…..my own opinion is it is close to the perfect tire on my TE150, which came with huge 110x100 AT81 that is almost 1" taller and weighs almost 2 pounds more, and has virtually the same tread width. It is also why I tried to avoid "Which oil is best" type of thread, and said: "No matter your preference of brand or size" Really doesn't matter what my preference is...pointed more toward the physics of the original question.
  14. Tuner

    Tire size effects on suspension

    Tires are a huge part of suspension and handling. Weight, diameter, and width all matter. The centrifugal mass is spinning on the outside of the wheel where weight really matters...…...not to mention the tire bouncing up and down over the rocks and whoops.....it doesn't make sense to hang a heavy tire on your high dollar suspensions. The Dennis Kirk website lists the shipping weight of most brands of tires in each tire and size Specification. No matter your preference of brand or size, it helps to know the weight. My YZ 125 wheel with the MX3s is 2 pounds heavier than my TE 150 wheel with a 110x90 AT 81. By the way, the 110x90 AT81 is the lightest rear tire I could find in 18 or 19. Weighs 10 pounds on my scale (accurate) Heavy tubes can weigh as much as 5 pounds!
  15. Thanks for the great idea...shouldn't be too hard to make a simple version of it....