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  1. Red Dog

    Selling strategy

    Sounds like you rode it and not much else. Take what you can get and treat your next bike better.
  2. Red Dog

    Rim painting

    Try Plastidip. Lots of info out there about how to, and if you like the look then pay for powder coating if that's your thing. Good luck.
  3. Red Dog


    You are welcome.
  4. Red Dog


    What size boots do you need? I have some older moto boots that are in better shape than what's in the pictures. Actually they're in good shape by most anyone's standards. The point is, I have quite a few pair of boots and certainly don't need them all. If you still need some and the size is right, how does free sound? Let me know if you're interested.
  5. Red Dog

    Looking for options on revalve

    I would like to do it myself versus paying someone else. I have all the right tools for the WP forks however I will need to rely on one of the local shops for the nitrogen. I guess I'm looking for options versus the RT Gold Valves.
  6. My KTM 200XCW has the correct springs for my weight and the stock valving in both the fork and shock. I have spent quite a bit of time working with them to get the best ride I can for the terrain I ride. At certain speeds it works beautifully, unfortunately it's not as plush as I would like often enough. I have a friend who aside from the right springs, added Gold Valves to his fork and shock. Since we're close in weight, I spent some time riding his bike, and think it's a big improvement. Is there anyone else who offers different valve and shim set ups other than Race Tech?
  7. Red Dog

    Devol Radiator Guards

    The Devol radiator guards for my KTM 2stroke are light and well designed as far as function goes. But, in order to get them to not push my shrouds outward, making the bike wider, I had to trim the inside of the shrouds. While it's not that big of a deal, as it only took about 30 minutes to do a clean job of trimming the plastic, I would much rather just bolt them on without having to modifying parts. Once trimmed they did bolt up without any additional drama which is good. And they have been tested quite a few times and have done their job. In other words, they work.
  8. Red Dog

    FMF Racing TurbineCore 2 Spark Arrestor Silencer

    I've almost have got a hundred hours on the TC2 on my KTM. It weighs about the same as the OEM silencer, but unlike the stocker, it is legal to ride with in areas where a S.A. is required. I do like that it is a bit shorter, and appreciate that the TC2 is the turbine type which means there's no screen to have to keep clean. Sound wise, it's about the same as the stock silencer when both have been freshly repacked. When considering it's overall performance, how well it's held up, and it's reasonable price, what's not to be satisfied with? This is a good product that does what it's made to do, and can be had for about the same amount of money as an S.A. endcap.
  9. Thanks for the reply's. Since I live in a small town (35k) there are not any clubs that I know of and unless it's a holiday, we rarely see anyone at our riding area. I have had one guy who had all of his gear stolen contact me and I think I'll be getting him set up minus boots. But there's more to go. I'll just see how things unfold.
  10. Bottom line is, if you're gonna ride you're gonna wreck. Not hard to figure out what to do, really. Injuries can hurt in ways that you probably haven't experienced yet, fortunately. Have fun and be safe.
  11. I have a fair amount of riding gear that I don't wear anymore, that's still in good condition, and I'm tired of hoarding stuff I don't need. My first inclination is to give it to someone who would use it, needs some, and is not all hung up about it being this years fashion. I know there has got to be more than a few guys who love to ride and who could use some help. The guys I ride with don't need anything. What do you do? Ideas?
  12. Red Dog

    showa fork bushings

    See your Honda dealer parts department.
  13. There are so many options for under the jersey protection. How much do you want covered? What's important to you?
  14. Red Dog

    Top Line Helmets

    I personally don't care for poly/plastic shell helmets. For that reason, it's my opinion that every helmet worth wearing has a fiberglass-carbon fiber-Kevlar shell. That pretty much covers any that are approved for racing at the pro level. One with DOT, Snell, ECE certification. Your head deserves no less! Another factor than is often overlooked is the weight. Helmets that weigh 3lbs. or less are easier on your neck, and after a few hours riding it makes a difference. Of all the helmets available on the market, the Fly F2 or Formula are one of the best bangs for your buck. Not to mention they are extremely comfortable for a large percentage of those who have worn them. Whatever brand you decide on, be sure to try it on and compare to others in that price range. Finally, unless you are locked into a specific colorway/design look at the closeouts offered by the larger dealers like Rocky Mountain or BTO, just to mention a few, as you can often get a top of the line helmet for the same as that of one of the cheaper entry level models. Good luck on your hunt for Mr. Goodlid.
  15. Red Dog

    Is this a good deal?

    It could be considered a good deal, but how do you know there's nothing wrong with the starter? Seems to me that if I were to ask $5k for something I would have a decent battery in it. That's not the steal of a lifetime, but not a bad deal. But you want to make sure everything works as it should. Do you really want to kick down that kind of money and then have to go buy a battery? Hope you can get this sorted out. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of used bikes out there. Good luck to you!